Thank you to all the organizers of MWLUG 2015! We had a great time learning and connecting with other Midwestern IBM users. The engagement of the attendees, the great venues choices, and the quality of sessions and workshops really makes this one of our favorite conferences. Of course, the free beer helps too!

If you attended Rob Novak’s “Free Beer: Southern Style” session, you heard about Prominic’s Domino4Wine project, which is makes Domino Designer and Domino Administrator run natively on Mac and Linux. You can get further information and register to download at http://domino4wine.com.

For those who couldn’t attend, you can still view Prominic’s Grails4Notes presentation video. Grails4Notes is a web interface that makes your Notes data relational, even across multiple NSF databases and servers! Some of the benefits of using this tool include improved performance of Domino and XPages applications, increased complex query speed, and easily added design documentation. See the full video below.

You can request an invite for Grails4Notes testing at http://grails4notes.com.