Notes in the Cloud

Last week I have had the honor to present at the MWLUG conference in Austin, speaking about virtualization and remote deployment of IBM Notes. If you were attending, thank you for your time and several questions during and after the presentation. This topic has definitely received quite a bit of attention, and I will be happy to address in even further detail in the future.

If you were unable to attend, here is a copy of the presentation below. For some additional notes, you can follow the link below the slides to the Slideshare page. Feel free to reach out and ask me questions should those arise. If you or your organization has further interest in how this can apply to your Notes / Domino or other applications, we here at Prominic are always happy to help with those needs.

Synopsis:  Virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) and streamed applications are all the rage in corporate IT because both help reduce the burden of supporting end user client workstations. These also vastly improve your IT security through standardized software versioning – keep your entire organization on the same Fix pack with ease!

In this session, you will learn the nuances of running the IBM Notes Client inside of a VMware View VDI infrastructure as well as streamed via the Microsoft RemoteApp.