Is your e-mail encrypted?

Encryption has been the answer for mitigating the web-based transmission risks and securing information, from the data sitting in our data centers to the data residing on your cell phone. The public web has been moving towards an encryption-as-default stance, and this is evident as more and more major websites offer HTTPS-only connections. As an example, feel free to head on over to Google. You’ll notice the friendly green lock denoting encryption!

Compared to securing web servers with SSL certificates, email encryption is a horse of another color and has never been the easiest task to get right, regardless of platform. Cryptographic key management, getting differing mail platforms to play nice together – it can get complicated quickly!

Thankfully, there are a number of SaaS providers that have positioned themselves to make email encryption a straightforward offering that can be easily added to other crucial services such as anti-spam / anti-malware protection while eliminating the need to configure the sending or receiving email servers. One such vendor that we have begun to work with closely is Proofpoint and their email encryption service is a breeze to get in place.

In fact, getting a new account created and email encryption configured for your email domains can be accomplished by our technical team in under an hour! Also, our team is well versed in crafting email encryption rules to meet the specific needs of your business segment. Let me give you some examples of just how targeted the encryption can be:

Use Case 1: My company needs to make sure that specific outbound emails are secure.

The outbound filters can be crafted to only encrypt emails with specific subject entries, such as [Secure Me]:


Use Case 2: Vendors send critical information via attachments that need to be secured.

The most commonly-used file types can be easily flagged for inbound encryption:


Use Case 3: You have a wide variety of users with different email domains and need to ensure only a subset are utilizing encryption.

This poses no problem as you can combine multiple filter uses to get as granular as need be:


No matter what your needs are, we can craft these rules to suit you and your business!

Once these are in place, Proofpoint begins to function as the encryption middle man – scanning inbound and/or outbound emails against your filter rules and encrypting any that meet the criteria. When this happens, both the sender and recipient are notified that the message has been secured by Proofpoint.

Our sender:


Our recipient:


That View Encrypted Email button will whisk the recipients to the Proofpoint portal, where they can access the email over an HTTPS-secured connection and retrieve any sensitive information or attachments.


As you can see, a powerful yet straightforward way to ensure your clients, customers, and everyone in between has email encryption just a quick filter rule away!