The 13th Social Connections conference kicks off this Thursday, April 26th  in Philadelphia.  With two days packed with education and social programming, there is a lot of information on social business and collaboration to choose from.

Since the conference’s focus is primarily IBM Connections and social business, we compiled a handy list of all the IBM Connections sessions for easier navigation for those mostly interested in keeping up with this collaboration platform.

Here they are.


Connections worst practises from the real world


LOCATION: Dell Theater DATE: April 26, 2018 TIME: 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm

There are some great sessions and blog posts on Connections best practises, but what happens when things go wrong?
In this session, we show some of the worst practices discovered in 9 years of working with IBM Connections, how these issues were resolved and how learning from others mistakes can save you the pain of going through them yourself.

Sharon James, BCC Ltd
Tim Clark, BCC Ltd


Learn how Sika integrates IBM Connections into Salesforce

LOCATION: Independence Room DATE: April 26, 2018 TIME: 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Salesforce is opportunity and product structed, IBM Connection is Knowhow and Person centric. How do we connect the system to get the best from both world? See how generic and easy to use the final solution is. Get the facts about the Building blocks and our lesson learned. See how we will gain best practice out and more of the Link Documents of the App. Our work could be used a blue print for other integrations.

Andreas Rosen, QKom GmbH



GDPR Considerations for IBM Connections


LOCATION: Independence Room DATE: April 26, 2018 TIME: 2:10 pm – 2:40 pm

In EU there is a new data privacy regulation effective from May 2018. Organizations are required to comply with multiple requirements which affect also IBM Connections. In the session we will check how IBM Connections (on prem) meet the requirements of GDPR and what tool you might need to use.

Jan Valdman, Whitesoft


Customer Success Stories: Connections Usecases

LOCATION: Dell Theater DATE: April 26, 2018 TIME: 2:10 pm – 2:40 pm

Have you ever wondered how customers use Connections? This session we will dive deep into use cases. We will walk through many successful customer stories. We will introduce some ideas for success so you can deploy it in your organization. We will also talk about strategies and how to develop objectives to guarantee success. If you are thinking about Connections or looking to get better handle on how to become more successful then this session is not to be missed.

Firas Yasin, IBM


Troubleshooting Connections PINK


LOCATION: Dell Theater DATE: April 26, 2018 TIME: 3:50 pm – 4:20 pm

Curious on how to make your Connections PINK environment run smoothly while reducing support effort? Need help debugging and getting to the core of some Connections challenges? Join Nico to find out how to resolve common issues, learn troubleshooting basics and other useful knowledge to ensure an efficient Connections PINK on-premises environment. Level up your debugging skills while learning more about back-end topics such as IBM Cloud private, Kubernetes, Docker as well as Orient Me, Metrics and Connections Customizer. Walk away with Connections PINK best practice tips and tricks to help you provide steady and efficient social capabilities!

Nico Meisenzahl, panagenda

Sustained, Secure, Scalable, Proven UX/Design Integrations for IBM Connections … and Aloha


LOCATION: Independence Room DATE: April 26, 2018 TIME: 3:50 pm – 4:20 pm

Ah integrations! The achilles heel of IT, and IBM Connections! Can’t live without them; the need and requests never stop, but the solution to the puzzle never seems solved.
All you want ins great integrations with the tools you use daily, inside IBM Connections, to improve your users’ workflows, saves time, and allows less process redundancies and confusions. Why is that so dang hard?!?! Simply put, because the devil’s in the details, and DIY one-off solutions ties up an entire employee or three, that is until the NEXT time the end-point system version updates (and the integration breaks). Ugh!

AppFusions has been commercially delivering holistic, sustained, supported full-UX packaged integration solutions since 2010. In the early days, everyone said, “You ARE nuts!” Nowadays, it is “our normal” and our endless passion.

Just like your iPhone apps “just work”, so also should IBM Connections’ users be able to expect of supported integration solutions (in IBM Connections cloud or on-premise) and we can prove it. Come learn more, and also we are excited to share our all-integrated modern enterprise portal solution too: Aloha.

Ellen Feaheny, AppFusions
Brendan O’Sullivan, AppFusions

Open Your Connections Toolbox! deploying the right tools in the right place for the right reasons


LOCATION: Dell Theater DATE: April 26, 2018 TIME: 4:30 pm – 5:00 pm

When it comes to delivering IBM Connections to the end user – the best approach can be quite confusing and a little daunting! Considerations for platform, support, security, mobility and content management all need to be considered and embedded into your delivery, rollout and adoption plans.

In this discussion we will look at the most common ways users will interact with Connections, and ensure you are delivering the best tools and best support for those tools to make the user experience easy, functional and non-disruptive.
From browser access inside and outside the firewall, to mobile devices and tablets, to Plug-In tools for your mail clients and desktop – let’s put the tools where are needed, and where they will be used every day!

Jared Roberts, ISW

Hot off the press – panagenda ConnectionsExpert 2.0


LOCATION: Independence Room DATE: April 26, 2018 TIME: 3:50 pm – 4:20 pm

panagenda ConnectionsExpert 2.0 is launching at Social Connections. Join us and learn all about the new capabilities! Geared towards adoption consultants, management, community managers and admins, ConnectionsExpert 2.0 provides innovative and customizable system and performance monitoring, stability and adoption reports, usage and license investment justification and more.

Enriching operational monitoring with notifications, ConnectionsExpert 2.0 enables you to respond to technical incidents before they harm your productive Connections users. Get API access for business intelligence enablement and access the ConnectionsExpert data warehouse for customizable charting and reporting. Manage risks, quotas, turnover, orphaned data and duplication of content across communities with just a few clicks of a button!

Franz Walder, panagenda

Exploring a simpler, more portable, less overhead solution to deploy Elasticsearch Pink Metrics and Customizer for IBM Connections


LOCATION: Dell Theater DATE: April 27, 2018 TIME: 9:00 am – 10:00 am

After the last release of Component Pack for IBM Connections, some time has been spent reflecting and discussing the solution for supplying IBM Connections services to customers to enhance collaboration and boost productivity.
Come join us as one of our advisory engineers walks through a simpler, more cost effective, less overhead proof of concept solution to deploy Elasticsearch Pink Metrics and Customizer for IBM Connections – a totally flexible solution that can be deployed anywhere.

Conall Ó Cofaigh, IBM

Workshop: IBM Connections Customizer


LOCATION: Independence Room DATE: April 27, 2018 TIME: 10:10 am – 11:10 am

Come to this session and follow Customizer exercises to create real apps in IBM Connections Cloud. Don’t worry – all you need is your laptop and browser and you’re all set – no special set up, very light on broadband … what’s not to like? Initially we will walk you through some lo-code/no-code exercises to show how easy it is to get customizations up and running in IBM Connections. Then we can move on to some more challenging exercises but ultimately all the code and solutions are provided – no pressure. Attend this session to get comfortable with IBM Connections Customizer and its app dev model… well worth an hour of your time any day!

Martin Donnelly, IBM
Brian Gleeson, IBM

Script you life and make administration of IBM Connections easier – or vice versa


LOCATION: Liberty Room DATE: April 27, 2018 TIME: 11:00 am – 11:15 am

Too often I can see Connections administrators to wrestle with Linux prompts in order to get things done. In this short presentation I will share some tips which can make your life much brighter and enjoyable: how to run some Linux commands more easily, some little hidden gems, how to work with WebSphere log files, etc.

Jan Valdman, Whitesoft

Socialytics: Accelerating IBM Connections Adoption with Watson Analytics


LOCATION: Liberty Room DATE: April 27, 2018 TIME: 12:10 pm – 12:40 pm

Social adoption is a challenge for many companies. What is the most effective utilization of the environment? Who is using which resources, what in the environment is dormant or orphaned? Where should efforts focus in order to improve adoption? All of these questions can be difficult to answer and there is no “one size fits all” solution as each organization has their own unique needs. Join us to learn how to tackle this topic using IBM Connections and Watson. Starting out with IBM Bluemix Data Connect to collect and combine data from relevant sources, they use the cognitive power of IBM Watson Analytics to answer those tricky questions and provide solutions to real-world adoption challenges.

Franz Walder, panagenda

The Future of Work with IBM Connections


LOCATION: Dell Theater DATE: April 27, 2018 TIME: 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm

IBM Connections provides the platform of social tools you need to transform your organization. IBM Connections enables you to reach your customers and partners faster, drive innovation, share content and expertise, and complete work faster. See first hand how IBM Connections can work for you and how you can embrace the “Future of Work.”

Adam Gartenberg, IBM


There is still time time to register for this event HERE. Late registration tickets are available. Our president Jon Schultz will be attending, so if you see hi, feel free to say hi.