Business have evolved quite a bit from the good old days when everybody worked in the same office and your colleague was just a shout away. These days, globalization and mobile tech make it necessary to have a collaboration tool around to make sure that your employees are working together with ease.

But let’s start with the beginning. Why would you need an enterprise collaboration tool? Well, one of the most vexing things your employees need to deal with everyday is DISTRACTION.

In order to help you get an overview of the situation: research shows that employees get 3 minutes of consistent focus before they are interrupted, and it takes around 23 minutes for them to reconnect with whatever it is what they were doing. That is a lot of wasted time you could save if you have the right collaboration tool.

You might wonder if it’s worthwhile to develop an app for each task you need to accomplish. Well, for starters, having everything in one place means that you don’t get 10 notifications from 10 different apps, distracting your employees. Getting your focus back might prove to be quite hard, thus leading to losses for your company. Remember, we pointed out earlier that distraction is one of the main reasons why a company starts looking for a collaboration tool in the first place.

What can you expect from a solid collaboration tool? Here are some results:

  • Transparent communication: you need your team to be able to track e-mails and chats with ease so they can stay on top of things. All digital communication, like e-mail threads around a specific topic, can be kept in one place, accessible when you need to coordinate with a large group of people.
  • Greater idea generation from all areas: this builds upon the above point. When there’s a tool that allows greater involvement of all team members people can come together with ease and helps them work as one with more engagement, leading to better idea development.
  • Decreasing turnover: in regards to greater employee engagement, employees with better engagement at work will be more likely to stay with the company longer.
  • Senior leadership connected to front line: managers are better able to keep track of the team’s progress overtime and ahead of deadlines. You can pick up on errors faster and correct them and provide your team direction when needed, without having to go back through long e-mail threads.

While there are hundreds if not thousands of collaboration tools widely-available, let’s set the record straight: just any collaboration tool might not help you at all. If it’s distracting and hard to use, it might do more harm than good.

What are some things to keep in mind when selecting a collaboration tool?

  • Higher engagement: you need to make sure that your new collab tool does what it is supposed to do, and that is bring people together and helps them work better as a team.
  • Better product delivery.
  • Creating a better service: we all want to provide the best possible service so we can have happy customers and watch our business thrive. A good and well picked collaboration tool helps keep customers satisfied by enabling your employees to not only work better as a team to improve the product, which keeps customers happy.
  • Driving customer satisfaction: as we mentioned already, if you choose the right tool, things overall work better as a whole. You get better productivity and great teamwork which raises your business value, the value of the services you provide.

With so many things to think about you might feel lost. Here is what you need to ask from your collaboration tool:

  • To reduce distraction and focus the user on the work. You want a tool that helps your employees focus. Having the tasks well organized in a corner of the screen helps for starters. Not having to comb through 100 e-mails just to find the one you need also saves time and enables your team to stay focused on what is important.
  • Drive outcomes not notifications. As one would expect, results are the ones that drive your business forward and make it successful. Thus, you don’t need a tool that drowns your employees in a bunch of notifications, but one that helps them navigate through them and checking them as DONE with ease.
  • Leverage AI to find the patterns. AI is news no more. One would be a fool not to admit that it can help make things easier. How? Well it can identify patterns and sort things out for you in a way that is both intuitive and programmed.
  • Simple and specialized vs complex and general. With all that technology out there to be bought and used, it can be easy not to see the forest because of the trees. A good collaboration tool will deliver you specialized help, offered in an easy to understand and easy to use manner. In the end you have to admit that not all your employees are tech savvy. So you need a tool that helps everybody work better, not just the developers. In this case, simpler is better.

So? You might think: ok, which tool would you recommend? Well, IBM Connections looks rather good as it minimizes distractions and surfaces critical information. One other thing that will help is that Watson services summarizes the conversations you’ve missed, which will come in handy when you want to keep an eye on the group chats.

Connections will bring everything under one roof, by integrating email, activity and task management, instant messaging, file sharing, collaborative document editing and more into a unified solution.


Other things that might recommend Connections:

  • Boost productivity: Bring collaborative capabilities to your business processes in order to make work more intuitive and accelerate daily tasks.
  • Make your tools your partner: Make sure you access the stuff that is of high importance by having a cognitive partner that adapts to how you work.
  • Improve employee effectiveness: Help people be more effective at their jobs by having access to the content and applications they need, through a digital workplace hub.
  • Cut training costs: Connections has the big advantage of coming with zero training support required.
  • Enhance security: You get all the enterprise security features and built-in spam and virus protection services to enable you to keep a high level of security and privacy.

If you want to talk more about IBM Connections and how it can help, Contact Prominic today and let’s have a talk.