Some time ago, IBM announced the newest features of Notes10. Now, it was Sametime’s turn to reveal it’s secrets. In the latest webinar, Sametime was presented in all its glory.

Well, first and foremost, you may be curious as to when you will be able to take Sametime for a spin. There will be limited access to Sametime10 in the first half of 2019 and full Sametime10 comes in the second half of 2019.

Here is the timeline:


Sametime and the launch of Domino10

That being said, we will be getting a glimpse of what Sametime will offer us with the release of Domino10. This is what it offers:

  • Mobile client use now included in the Domino Client License
  • You can now chat when you’re away from the desk
  • Instant messaging and Presence available with IBM Chat on iOS and Android

If this makes you curious for more, then you will like the first half of 2019 even better, with the release of the Limited Use Sametime.

Sametime10 Limited Use will offer you:

  • Sametime Everywhere! Concurrent online clients – desktop, mobile, browser
  • Messages received on all online clients
  • Received queues messages when logging in on a client
  • Self-sorting, recent conversations will be moved to the top
  • Doubles as server-side chat history
  • Group chat is supported too

Simplify your deployment

  • Runs on Domino 64-bit
  • Syncronization of Sametime Embedded and Notes client updates
  • Even Sametime Limited Use users can now go mobile for chat!
  • Support for Docker Enterprise Edition
  • Enhanced Sametime Chat will be compatible with Sametime 9.0.1 FP1

The second half of 2019 will also be filled with a bunch of goodies for Sametime 10.

Here are the new Features Sametime 10 will deliver:

  • Multi-device support for File Transfer
  • Multi-device support for AV calling
  • Extensibility with video and content sharing solutions
  • Elimination of browser plug-ins
  • SDK enhancements
  • Simplify deployment and administration by reducing platform dependencies
  • Docker Enterprise Edition images for simplified deployment and administration

You might imagine that IBM does not plan to just leave Sametime 10 in our lap and forget about it. The plan is to continue to make improvements to it, thus making it the to go to chat tool for everybody.

Here are some plans for Sametime 10:

  • Reinvestment in Sametime SDK
  • Embedded apps, server extensions, mobile apps
  • Interoperability with Watson Workspace
  • Enhanced meeting security
  • Lock meeting, private library, purge on meeting end
  • More controls over Chat, privacy lists
  • Whiteboard
  • More pulled from enhancement requests

So, we think you are as enthusiastic as we are about these changes in Sametime and can’t wait to take it for a spin.