What is Verse on Premises? Verse on Premises is similar to iNotes in functionality and is a form of webmail. It has a newer design with more updated elements and in the future will be taking place of iNotes.

Verse on Premise 1.0.4 (VOP) was released in August 2018 and added a couple new functionalities. They have increased the amount of time for which you can sync your mail for offline use. Verse on Premise 1.0.3 allowed you to sync your mail for offline use for up to 7 days. That has now been increased to 30 days in 1.0.4.

Another quality of life item that was added was an accept button for invitations on your calendar. In VOP 1.0.3, you only had the option to either “Decline” or “Open” the invite. In VOP 1.0.4 there will now be a third option when you select an invite to “Accept” it. Another small item that was added is Verse also now supports displaying the Notes ID on the Verse UI for a user. For example, if I was composing an email to a user in the directory it will now show their full Notes ID “Username/Test ”.

VOP 1.0.4 also supports third party file repository integration. You can now use third party file repository programs like Box to attach files to your emails. This functionality is great and is going to allow companies to quickly connect to their third-party file shares for including attachments to their emails.

HCL has also already announced the proposed content for Verse on Premise 10! They will be adding a minimize button to the mail compose window so that you can minimize any emails that you may be composing. I am unsure if that means you will be able to compose more than one email at a time currently. When you are composing a new email, they will be adding a check box for marking the subject “Confidential”.

For folders, there will be “folder suggestions”. When you go to search your folders, it will have a list of suggested folders for you at the top of the list. This will allow users to quickly find folders they may access the most. They are also adding an “Empty Trash” button to the trash folder. I have included a recap list below of items that were added to VOP 1.0.4 and items that are coming to VOP 10. VOP 10 has not been given an official release date but is set to be released in quarter 4 of 2018.

Verse on Premise 1.0.4:

  • Set offline sync for 30 days
  • Added accept button in popup card on calendar for invites
  • Added third party file repository integration

Verse on Premise 10:

  • Minimize button added to mail composition window
  • New check box for marking the subject of an email “Confidential”
  • Added folder suggestions when searching for folders
  • Added “Empty trash” button to trash folder
  • Added Calendar print view
  • Option to display dual time zones on calendar
  • Color theme modifications

Have you noticed anything new and exiting in the new Verse? Tell us about it.