When considering moving your Notes Domino environment off premises, choosing the right Domino cloud provider may mean the difference between gaining a helpful partner or securing a source of ongoing headaches. Here’s why.

Drawbacks to hosting Domino with the “Big 3” Public Cloud Providers

While the “Big 3” Public Cloud — Amazon, Google, and Microsoft — get a lot of attention these days, they are not the best option for most companies using Notes/Domino.

The public cloud providers make it very difficult to accurately predict costs.  In many cases, the initial estimated costs are exceeded due to required add-ons like backups, data transfer, and storage input/output.   

Domino makes heavy use of storage input/output because it is a database, and as such it generally requires more advanced features than are included by default.   Also, Domino backups require a special mechanism known as transactional logging aware backups to be done properly, which is not included by default.

Most importantly, the public cloud providers do not treat Notes/Domino as a priority.  They focus only on the Virtual Machine itself, meaning, the Operating System.   When a Notes/Domino outage occurs, due to common issues like NSF corruption, an IBM PMR needing to be open, etc. they cannot provide support to get back up and running.

Choosing the Right Hosting Partner

When it comes to Software as a Service, the real value lies in selecting a solution that isn’t going to break early and often. This takes finding and sticking with the right professionals, who can help you make the most of your investment by knowing the ins and outs of your system and making the right decisions at the right time.

So, instead of getting a “good deal” on a SaaS solution that may need to be fixed sooner than anticipated (with a high price tag, of course), work with professionals at a company that is focused on quality, like Prominic.NET, to actively extend the life of the assets you already have.

When selecting the right Domino cloud provider, you should expect the following from your ideal partner:

  • Predictable Monthly Costs
  • Improvement and Performance Monitoring
  • Expert Server Administration
  • Expert and Friendly US-Based Support Team


IBM Cloud: Concerns Over the Passport Advantage Program

IBM announced at the end of 2018 that it will sell a large portion of its collaboration portfolio to HCL. This is generally viewed as a positive step for everyone in the Notes/Domino ecosystem, because HCL has been doing the development “behind the scenes” for years now and genuinely cares for Notes/Domino.   

Still, any commitments made by IBM with regard to their continued support of Notes/Domino in the cloud as part of the Passport Advantage program come with a large amount of uncertainty. 

This is because the community has not yet been made aware of the specifics regarding the sale, transfer, and management of the portfolio with the new HCL company.

A good litmus test would be to call IBM to see if they can give you information about the IBM Domino cloud offering and the transition.


About Prominic.NET

We offer affordable, expert hosting and oversight of the entire Notes/Domino environment:

  • Expert Monitoring tailored to Notes/Domino server’s specific requirements
  • Experienced Support with staff certified by IBM to properly support it
  • Smooth Upgrades for Domino because we perform hundreds of them at a time!
  • System Management from our experts who live and breath Notes/Domino

Prominic.NET is the hosting partner you can trust to make sure your Notes/Domino system runs smoothly for many years to come. We have been hosting Notes/Domino for more than 20 years and are actively running more than 800 servers for clients world-wide. 

Talk to our team today to see how we can help you get the best out of running your custom Domino applications and Notes mail outside of your company while retaining full control over the environment.