With the buzz created with the arrival of Domino 10 still very much present, IBM wanted to keep us all well informed with what is next to come with Domino 11. The March 14th webinar did just that: offered us a glimpse of what is currently being prioritized, discussed, and developed.


The key points were structured around areas of interest for all of the players involved when using Domino: Business User, Developer, and Admin.


Each one of these has a crucial role when talking about Domino and each received some attention with the upcoming development of Domino 11.


For the Business User


Domino will enable anyone to drive their business and workday more effectively. This will be achieved by transforming the business faster using low-code app dev-led innovation, getting more work done with improved mail and chat apps and capitalizing on the power of insight with the help of some new reporting capabilities.


So, we will all get a new and updated Notes on the Desktop to make answering e-mails and staying organized a lot easier:


And, because we all live in the age of fast and faster and being mobile is a must, Verse Web will come with a new experience on mobile devices:


These are still prototypes, most probably to be improved, but they already look like an improved experience for the user.

As you would expect, a new mail and apps client is in the works and will be unveiled at a future date. The plan is to reveal a beta version in the second half of 2019 with the delivery being set for 2020.

Because running a business does not mean just emails and chats, DQL Explorer comes to lead a hand with :

  • Rapid reporting experience
  • Uses DQL on any V10 platform
  • Exports to Excel and JSON


Here is a proof of concept:



For the Developer


Domino comes with the ability to do more with Node.js using continuous delivery of extensions and features. You can tap into event-based development using real-time database operations and extend the value of proven apps to new Android and Chrome OS platforms.


Here are the new capabilities that will help developers deliver the apps that matter to the business:



For the Admin


For this role, Domino promises lower TCO, easier deployment and enterprise-class manageability. The plan is to keep improving of ease of Domino deployment with Microsoft ADFS synchronization and to reduce operational costs with the use of industry-standard cloud object storage.


Here is a glimpse of the new capabilities:

Overall, we would add that the future looks bright for the Domino users and that all these new features/improvements will make developing Domino apps quite the joy it used to be.