Prominic.NET is proud to announce a new IBM Domino community website with creation of DominoHelp.com. The website is meant to serve as a community – driven repository of useful information on Notes Domino.

The inspiration for this site comes from the desire to have a curated collection of the critical movers and shakers in the Notes/Domino community. This encompasses people, companies, and products. Due to Domino’s age and longevity, the resources and knowledge are spread out over the web, which makes it difficult to find when needed.

Notes Domino has a rich and tremendously involved ecosystem, with an active community of experts passionate about this platform, and all its power. These are the people who put their precious time and energy into the blogs, forums, companies, books, products, and open source solutions can help you solve any problem you have. These are the genius inventors in the ecosystem.

As of right now, we launched the website before listing every possible resource out there. The intention is to have other people in the community get involved and help us build it out into the exhaustive database for all useful things Domino.

The content is editable through GitHub and Markdown. We need your help to improve the content of this site, to add the missing people and content!  The goal is to get community involvement, so please spread the word!