With HCL / IBM deal anticipated to be finalized at the end of June, Sametime is finally getting some well-deserved attention. The new versions of Sametime are slotted to come out shortly, with Sametime Limited Use 10 in the next month, and Sametime 11 planned for release in November/December of this year.


The updated Sametime 9.0.1 client was embedded in Notes 10.0.0 / 10.0.1, which means that you still get the Sametime chat and awareness free with your Domino license.


As far as the release schedule, it will be released in stages. Windows 32-bit will ship first, followed closely by Windows 64-bit, and then Linux 64-bit.

There are a few main directions the development push is being directed to currently.

The main emphasis with Sametime is “Any device, anytime”. This persistent multi-device chat capability aims to enable the Sametime users to be able to switch their chat communication seamlessly between the devices, without skipping a beat. This means being able to run concurrent online clients on your desktop, in a browser or on your mobile, with messages being received on all devices immediately, among other features that aim to create a great experience for the user.

Sametime LU v10 also will be a supporting group chat as well. The conversation list will be the primary view.

Docker support is also a planned feature. However, it is currently lagging behind the initial delivery.

HCL is very motivated to eliminate Websphere and DB2 from Sametime. Mongo DB will initially be required for server-side chat history.

Here is what the persistent chat architecture will look like:

persistent chat architecture

Domino Jams and the community feedback both at the events and at the Product Idea Forum (https://domino.ideas.aha.io/) has been a very important source of the product improvements for HCL.

In terms of the upcoming improvements, the schedule has so far been announced as follows:

Sametime 10 chat iprovements

Sametime’s aggressive update schedule is definitely reflective of the user interest and excitement around the development push felt in the community.

We will be following the release milestones with announcements as they take place. For now, the Product Idea Forum is a great place to impact product development!

Have questions? Let us know what you think of these improvements!