The new version of HCL Verse On-Premises (VOP), v1.0.8 has been officially released, and the other week HCL held a webinar, in which they went over the improvements and demo-ed some of them.

The goal is getting Verse to be an intuitive tool where you can have everything you need. If you’ve been following the previous webinars held by HCL, you may recall that the stated purpose for VOP is to become the primary mail platform, eventually replacing iNotes and possibly the Notes mail client as well. But that’s considerably ways down the line.

For now, the focus is on bringing in the most popular features of iNotes into Verse.

Inbox Interface:

  • The new Verse comes with several options to change what is displayed. The Needs Action button helps a bunch also. Waiting For button is also useful to check what you are waiting for from your co-workers.
  • The suggestive folder is also a great tool to have, it’s visible once you have a certain number of mails.
  • The calendar bar of Verse also helps you better organize your time from the e-mail window – you can also schedule meetings using it.
  • If you also use an alias you can change the display name from the Settings tab.
  • When you send an email you can set a follow-up – add the email to the Waiting For list, so you don’t forget once you need to receive something from a co-worker.
  • The menu language can be changed with ease from the International section of the Settings window.
  • The spell checker now supports not only English but French and Spanish, which might come in handy if you write e-mails in these languages.
  • There is a new feature called “Redirection”. Once you hover over the Business card of a person, you can see if there is a redirect, and where it forwards to.
  • You can also import other people’s calendar, once they send you the ICS file, right from the email.

Calendar Updates:

The calendar has been redone over the last few releases, and one of the best things that have been added is the fact that you can encrypt the meeting.

The new calendar interface is not the default setting when you install the update. It can be simply activated by the admin.

Verse is also 100% mobile-friendly, browser-based, you can access all its capabilities. The Verse app is not going away, it will remain a great tool to help you manage your work.


In addition to all the updates to the standard “out-of-the-box” VOP setup, what’s great about VOP is that it allows for functionality extensions, application integration, and brand customizations and hooks.


If you don’t use the VOPs file repository, you can just swap in a new one, such as Lenovo Box, OneDrive etc and just integrate it directly into the UI.

You can integrate your instant messaging with something other than Sametime.

Customization around the name picker (the function of looking up a name in your directory): it is easy to customize the name picker if you want more info: mail, geographic data, and other info that can help you better search a person in your organization.


“Outside-in” integration allows for external third parties to access the data that is stored on the Domino side, such as in your mail file or calendar in the documentation or a calendar format or a calendar.

“Inside Out” integration allows for Domino to push out to other third-parties. in version 10 it started with the NPM Layer and allowing Javascript developers to enhance the existing NSFs with Javascript.

Version 11 comes with the event publisher, so any change in Domino will be able to push to a third-party app.


Navigation bar can be customized for a personalized experience.

Programmatic hooks allow your VOP to automatically perform specifically added functions before you send a message. For instance, you can set a warning to pop up for you users when they are sending an email outside of the organization, or you can set Verse to look for sensitive data in the body of the e-mail ( ex. credit card info), so you can ensure that certain data does not leave your organization.

VOP will be focusing on bringing over the most popular features from iNotes, not necessarily every single one.

Finally,  Verse now allows you to customize the color, themes, and logos that are all part of your brand identity.

For an additional list of Verse improvements, check out the documentation.