Last week, during CollabSphere 2019, HCL made the official announcement regarding their plans for replacing IBM Connections Cloud with three carefully selected Cloud Hosting Partners. Prominic has been named one of them.

The announcement has been highly anticipated since the end of service announcement for Connections Cloud, SmartCloud Notes, and Domino Apps on Cloud in July. HCL has also clarified their future strategy regarding hosting the IBM Notes Domino and Connections product families. 


Prominic, along with the other two Cloud Hosting Partners, Belsoft and ISW, is available to provide cloud hosting services to customers currently using the IBM Connections Cloud platform affected by the service shutdown in July of 2020. These customers will need to migrate their data to one of these three providers to continue to receive cloud hosting services.

Prominic hosts the full range of HCL (formerly IBM) collaboration products:

  • Notes and Verse mail
  • Domino Applications
  • Sametime Chat & Presence Awareness
  • Connections

Prominic has been selected as one of these preferred Cloud Hosting Partners based on meeting a thorough list of requirements, including:


  • Host multi-tenant Connections, plus Sametime and Domino (for mail and apps) in a dedicated, private cloud​
  • Global data center ability​
  • Ability to provide L1 & L2 support​
  • Ability to provide 24×7 support with the exception of scheduled maintenance​
  • Minimum 5 years of experience hosting and operating HCL (or IBM) products​
  • Minimum 1 HCL Master​
  • Provides major data-security certifications and compliance​
  • Meets or exceeds industry standard requirements for both physical and data​ security and compliance
  • Provides disaster recovery capabilities

Prominic is currently the only authorized provider in North America, will continue to provide services to customers worldwide.

Prominic will be providing migration assistance in moving these environments over to its cloud, working closely with Customers, HCL, and the IBM offboarding team.

Those organizations needing to migrate their Notes or Verse mail and / or their Domino applications from IBM are able to complete the transition now, whereas HCL Connections data migrations will commence starting in Q2 of 2020.

For additional information about the future migration, check out HCL’s original announcement post or check out our website to learn more about migrating Connections or migrating your Domino mail and applications.