Dear customers and partners,

While the world works to contain the spread of COVID-19, we at Prominic are doing our part to help.

This includes having all office personnel work from home, encouraging enhanced hygiene standards for those present in our data centers and transitioning to virtual meetings wherever possible.

We want our customers to know that while we are taking every possible precaution, we do not anticipate service disruptions of any kind in the immediate future as a result of COVID-19.

Our support and data center operations teams remain fully-staffed and available to assist customers with any technical issues.

As this is a developing situation, we are keeping ourselves apprised of all the latest information and guidelines coming from the health authorities.

We will continue to adjust our plans according to changing circumstances in order to maintain our ability to support our customers while protecting our staff and community.

For more information on the coronavirus and practicing social distancing please visit HERE.

Thank you,
Jon Schultz