On March 18th, HCL organized a webinar to offer us a sneak peek into HCL Domino Volt and what it can do.
In case you are not yet familiar with the Beta for HCL Domino Volt program, here are some facts:


  • The download is available through April 13;
  • HCL Domino Volt is scheduled for general availability in April;
  • HCL will not be able to address every concern and issue by raised in this beta with the April release;
  • The plan for HCL Domino Volt is for quarterly updates and continuous delivery;
  • Every concern and issue will be addressed at some point, so all suggestions are more than welcome.

You can offer your input using two channels:

  • Beta forum – all technical questions/issues with software
  • Aha Portal – for feature requests/enhancement ideas.

There are some things you should keep in mind when getting to a technical problem:

  • Steps to reproduce: like a good tester, if you can provide the steps that you followed to get the error that would help the development team a lot when trying to fix the issue you report.
  • Reproducibility: did you get the error every time or just one time?
  • Application Details: If the problem is related to a Volt application activity, like save, deploy etc, it would help if you could describe the application. one other question that would require an answer is if you build the app yourself or if you imported it. If the app was imported, providing the original, .xls, .volt or .nitro_s file also helps. If the app was build by you, export the application and attach the .volt file.
  • Error messages and logs: the logs from /{domino-data}/domino/workspace/logs are also a big help in tracking down and solving issues.

For more info on Volt, here is a list of resources HCL has prepared for you (just click on Help and you will have a list of all the resources you might need).


Domino Volt Forum




Domino Volt Wiki


Video Tutorials


Step by Step Tutorial


Sample Apps: there are seven of them; all come with a short description so you know what they are about


All these resources are more than enough to help you learn Volt and use it to its full capacity. HCL took the time to present in detail the sample apps so check out the recording to have a better overview of them and what they can help you with.

If you need any help with HCL Volt contact us and let’s talk!