HCL wanted to make sure we all know about what HCL Domino Volt can do and hosted a great webinar on it.

The whole idea behind Volt is to enable you to build applications as fast as possible with as little “classic” coding as possible.

In order to do that Volt comes with:

  • Rapid design and iteration
  • You can create prototypes in a matter of minutes/hours
  • The prototype becomes the system
  • Speed delivery and reduced costs

Here is an overview of what Domino Volt is good at:


Volt is versatile enough to be used in a number of industries, from Healthcare to Logistics or Retail. The use cases are also complex from Audit and Compliance to simple Access to information.

Taking into consideration that we live in times of crisis, Volt can lend you a hand with:

  • Rapid deployment of simple apps
  • Business users can deploy solutions and avoid
    • Spreadsheet Email Tennis
    • Guess the latest version
  • IT department delays are gone
  • Integrations with other systems

The webinar came with a great presentation of some of the apps HCL has built with Volt so make sure to watch the replay for a view on those.

Here are some lessons that were learned while working with Volt:


Some best practices for you to have a good HCL Domino Volt coding experience:

  • Design your workflow first
  • Create a Minimum Viable Workflow within HCL Domino Volt
  • Add more data and fields as needed
  • Set security model using groups from Domino directory
  • Corporate look and feel as a last resort – Use as an iframe in an existing Intranet/Extranet if possible
  • Build yourself a snippets library of useful techniques or recycle code from others.

You can find out more about Volt here, ask the community for answers here, and you can even try it for free HERE.