On July 17th, HCL held a great webinar regarding the launch of the 2.0 version of Verse.

The main of this release is ensuring that HCL Verse is a Secure Enterprise Email for Smarter Work:


The most important new thing with Verse 2.0 is that it’s a Progressive Web App.

What is Verse PWA?

  • A web application that leverages modern browser capabilities/features and operating systems native application handling
  • Windows, Mac OS (Desktop)
  • Support: Windows/Mac Chrome – latest version; Windows Edge 81+ ; Android Chrome 80+ (via “Add to Homescreen”); iOS Safari v13+ (via “Add to Homescreen”)

Advantages of using PWA:

  • Consistent user experience across different devices
  • Add to your Desktop or Home Screen by one-click
  • Low Storage Space
  • Offline Use, Low-quality works
  • Continuously Updated.

One of the things that you can now do due to PWA is that you can install Verse as a native app on your computer from the browser. Once you have installed it you can do anything that you would have done in the browser, the features are not affected.

From the list of the new features one stands out: Send and File. If you want to store an e-mail that you send to a specific folder, this feature enables you to do just that:


Here are some more new features from Verse 2.0:

  • Run Verse as a standalone browser-based app (Progressive web app)
  • New React Calendar Event Form User Interface
  • Mail Rules Implementation (Server-based//Preferences)
  • Send and File
  • Search for emails within a specific date range
  • 3 clicks rules for attachment
  • Pull down your message list to refresh on mobile devices.
  • Re-authenticate through a browser page after session timeout.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Verse 2.0:

  • Companies that have remote workers with limited accessibility to networks (with PWA and offline mode)
  • Employees want a simple, easy-to-navigate mail experience
  • Safeguard customer’s communication with proven enterprise security powered by Domino
  • Customize the user interface at the organization level based on business needs.

In order to make sure that this secure email experience works truly globally, Verse 2.0 comes with support for 31 languages which formats based on your locale.

Here are some of the most asked questions when it comes to Verse and its update:


You can access a number of resources for Verse, the HCL Verse Product Page, and the HCL Verse Aha! Ideas Portal.

So now what? Now you can go to Flexnet and download Verse 2.0 and try out its new features. Once you do that you can fill in this questionnaire and encourage your customers to do the same so HCL can collect as many good ideas so they can deliver us an even better product in future releases.

As always, the replay of the webinar is available for you to watch! We’re always here to help you run you Verse on your secure private cloud powered by Prominic. Have questions? We’re here to help!