HCL held a great webinar on the most expected Sametime pre-release and scheduled release later this year in Q4. 

We have all experienced the new “normal” from March when the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard, when we had to move to Web Meeting and team chat to make sure that we have business continuity.

Though there are still some features that are not there yet, HCL decided to pre-release Sametime 11.5 to ensure that customers can use Meetings, since it’s a tool we all need considering the switch in work environments. The 100% 11.5 version will be available in November. 

You can now get your Sametime Pre-release 11.5 from your sales rep, just a call away.

Just in case you didn’t know, HCL Sametime is a proven and trusted persistent chant and video meetings platform, built for how today’s organizations need to be working – securely, easily, remotely.

You should choose HCL Sametime because:

  • It offers Rock-solid data privacy, encryption and auditability: the data and conversations are protected either in a private cloud or on-prem.
  • You get Instant meetings and chat with one click.
  • You can deploy on a secure private cloud or on-premises. Faster Deployment, simpler installs and fewer servers.

With Sametime you get:

  • Highly Secure, Video Meetings and Persistent Chat
  • Focused on 1:1 and team meetings (Think team collaboration)
  • Most everyday meetings are small teams collaboration

You also get Events, which is a full event-based webinar solution for your interactive large-scale virtual Town Halls. It can use YouTube streaming available in Sametime Meetings to broadcast your meeting/event for a  wider audience – listen-in only mode.

The August Pre-release of HCL Sametime 11.5 comes with:

  • Video Meetings
  • Persistent Chat
  • One Mobile App
  • Broadcast meetings

Here are some details about the Video Meetings:

  • Users side:
    • Single offering with chat and meetings technology
    • Modern browser technology, built on open source
    • Voice, video, and screen sharing
    • No installation; no plug-ins; click and you’re in
    • Elegant and functional user experience
  • Administrator side:
    • Fewer servers; deploy in minutes
    • Lower TCO

Persistent Chat Integrated into Meetings

  • Persistent chat across clients: Teams can chat and talk without losing the context of the conversation – before, during and after a meeting
  • Clear User Experience: Consistent with the new HCL product design guidelines, the UX is simple and uncluttered
  • Modern: Built from scratch using modern web tech, the new HCL Sametime clients are lightweight and fast
  • Simple to Configure: The client settings are simple and minimal; just what you need and no more
  • Third Party Conferencing Integration: Integrate with your choice of conferencing provider; simply configure the URL, and then click to meet in any chat window.

Sametime Mobile app:

  • All new UI, including meetings
  • New app written from the ground up
  • Extensive language support
  • Now supporting full iOS emoticons
  • Persistent Chat
  • Multi-device support – Conversations follow you
  • Meetings and chat – All-in-one app
  • Dial out Telephony support

The Broadcast capability means:

  • Live streaming
  • Watch and listen 
  • Public or private YouTube channels

Here is what to expect for the Q4 release:

  • Core Updates: Numerous improvements, including Firefox support
  • Meeting Room ownership: Users can create and manage their own meetings
  • Security: Meeting passwords, designated moderators
  • Moderated Meetings: Control who can present, mute participants.

When it comes to upgrading to Sametime 11.5, you can find all the needed information in this webinar: Sametime 11.0 FP2 and Meetings 11.5 – Features and Deployment

Sametime as an app is important because:

  • It combines HCL’s experience and innovation
    • Comes from proven expertise, years of investment and open source
    • Reinvents our meetings and chat capability using the latest technology
  • Advanced Audio and Video features
    • High definition voice and video
    • Manage video quality to save bandwidth
    • Auto-Scalable and inexpensive solution
  • Removes Security and Privacy concerns
    • Protects our customer’s Data Privacy
    • Data is resident in your data center or private cloud
  • It saves money
    • Reduces operational expense of using third party solutions

As HCL has done with all its webinars, this one is available as well for you to watch HERE.