Collabsphere is on it’s way and we have some great Connections sessions for everybody to look forward to.

COL101 – Activities Plus – installation deep dive and deployment scenarios

Session Type: Presentation

Wannes Rams
Senior Consultant and Cloud Architect Europe at ISW

One of the parts of HCL Connections with most business value has always been the Activities Component. But it needed a re-design as the UI did not really evolve since it was introduced. ISW has provided HCL with a slimmed down version of Kudos Boards and HCL has added this for free into Connections 6.5. Take advantage of a simplified, intuitive interface and additional functionality for free. Join this session to learn more about how to install and configure Activities Plus and learn more about the deployment scenario’s HCL and the Kudos Apps team are offering.

COL102 – Activities Plus – The new Activities module in HCL Connections – Who, what, when?

Session Type: Presentation

Maria Nordin
Business Development
Kudos by ISW!

A huge value part of HCL Connections has always been Activities. A tool you go to to get your work and tasks done. The new version of HCL Connections Activities is called Activities Plus and is developed by us at Kudos by ISW together with HCL. It is free for all Connections users. Activities Plus is a completely new, redesigned Activities app which boosts your productivity and accelerate collaboration in between colleagues. Activities Plus is great when working at the office or from the home office. It helps you keep in touch with your colleagues, learn how projects are going, who is doing what, updates etc. In this session, Maria Nordin will show how you get your tasks done!

COL104 – Connections Communities can be intuitive and attractive with the highlights app

Session Type: Presentation

Andreas Weinbrecht
Account Manager Beck et al. GmbH

Connections communities have to be intuitive and attractive for users. Although highlights app helps you to define a well-organized and good looking community it is not widely spread. Attend this session to learn the basics of the highlights app and how to make your community more intuitive and attractive.

INF113 – HCL Connections Cloud Chapter 2: Back at full force

Session Type: Presentation

Jon Schultz
President – Prominic.NET

Join this session to learn what happened to IBM SmartCloud Connections, what is available now, and why it’s better and stronger than ever before. Learn about the benefits of the current cloud model and the road forward. Join ThreeThirds Collaboration (Belsoft, ISW, & Prominic – the largest HCL Cloud Hosting Managed Service Providers) to learn all about the exciting new future for HCL Connections, plus a bit about Domino, Volt, Sametime & Verse in the cloud.