COL103 – Building Realtime SMS Notifications into Domino Applications with Twilio

Session Type: Presentation

Carl Tyler – Director at Epilio

During this session Carl will introduce two web solutions that were built using HCL Domino integrated with Twilio to deliver SMS notifications to customers. Carl will demonstrate how the the Twilio Programmable Messaging API was utilized. One solution was delivered in just a few days to address the requirements for Rosie’s restaurant to re-open during the early part of Covid-19, the other was built to allow for booking a plane within a local flying club. Whilst some code will be shown during this presentation, you will not need to be a programmer to benefit from the session.

COL108 – HCL Digital Solutions Academy and Technical Certifications

Session Type: Roundtable

Luis Guirigay – Senior Global Director at HCL Software

Tiffany Amos – Program Manager at HCL Software

The HCL Digital Solutions Academy initiative is now underway and we are now delivering technical sessions at a pace never done before. Before we take the Academy to the next level we want to hear from you on what’s working, what’s not working and what else you want to see. We also want to discuss our plans for our upcoming Technical Certification program to be announced in 2021.

COL109 – HCL Enterprise Integrator – Integrating Data with Disparate Systems

Session Type: Presentation

Kim Greene – President at Kim Greene Consulting, Inc.

Remember LEI, which became IEI, which is now HEI? This seldom talked about product has incredibly powerful features, so let’s get reacquainted with it! The main use of HEI I see with my customers is to synchronize data between Domino and relational databases, but it does much more. I will be providing an overview of functionality of the product, how it works, how businesses are using it, in addition to providing tips and techniques for ensuring you have a successful implementation and how to debug the environment when things go wrong. We will also look at some interesting scenarios where the exact same HEI activities functioned in different ways simply by running on another platform.

COL110 – HCL Volt – Power to The People (and the Developers!)

Session Type: Presentation

Karl-Henry Martinsson – Owner at Demand Better Solutions

HCL Volt is a no-code/low-code development tool intended for people who are not traditional developers. It is easy to put together a simple application and publish it within your company, but what if more complex functionality is needed? In this session Karl-Henry will show a ways a developer can extend an existing Volt application by using existing web skills like Javascript.

COL112 – How to integrate Domino and Docs

Session Type: Presentation

Ping Chen – Technical Advisor HCL

We all know that HCL Docs is a good collaborative editing platform and it can integrate with HCL Connections Files. HCL Domino, as the world wide popular No-SQL platform, we usually use it to keep so many attachments. Can we use Docs to edit the attachments in Domino? The answer is “of course”. In this topic, I will show you the Docs REST interface and how it can co-operate with Domino attachments. A question: Is it possible to make this topic 25 minutes long? Or, a 60 minutes workshop?

COL113 – Introducing the HCL Domino Volt application I created

Session Type: Presentation

Masahiko Miyo – CEO ef Co., Ltd.

I will introduce the Domino Volt application that I have created so far. Of the features added in Domino Volt 1.0.1, I was very interested in anonymous access. Therefore, we will explain the application structure in detail, focusing on the applications that can be used by anonymous users. It also gives you some tips on Volt application development.

COL116 – Wine Tastings: The Volt Way

Session Type: Presentation

Theo Heselmans – CEO Engage / Xceed

You’ve seen the Wine Tasting app, ready for HCL Nomad. HCL Domino Volt is a new HCL Digital Solution and is a very promising Low-code development technology. Let’s take it a step further, and show you what you can really do with it. Complex forms of course, but also very flexible views with filters, cool interfaces, embedded tables, custom formatting, charts, … This is not Volt as you know it!

DEV102 – Challenge Accepted: Installing and Configuring HCL Domino on Linux

Session Type: Presentation

Devin Olson – Digital Solutions Technical Advisor HCL Technologies

In this session, Devin Olson will demonstrate a ground up installation of Linux, configuration of the environment, and installation of HCL Domino 11.0.1, all in real time. Come and ask questions, get answers, and see exactly what it takes to get a Domino server up and operational. Will he finish in the allotted time, or will he fail miserably and bring shame upon himself and his family? Who knows? Come join the fun, place wagers if you wish, and geek out in a rip roaring fun session!

INF102 – Bring your Install into the new Decade – Domino 11 setup from zero to modern

Session Type: Presentation

Douglas Robinson – VP of Customer Service Prominic.NET, Inc.

Chelsea Shaffer – Senior Support Technician Prominic.NET, Inc.

Has it been since a Notes version was just a single number since you last ensured you were using the latest and greatest features? Or even a number-point-five? Get a quick refresher on some server spin-up best practices for the latest Domino versions, including a run-down of how to get Cluster Symmetry and repair—the coolest new feature in years—running to make sure your databases are redundant and reliable throughout a cluster. As time permits we’ll hope to hear from the community as well with more tips we’ve all picked up over time and servers.

INF103 – DeepDive Workshop – HCL Notes Client upgrades/deployments using MarvelClient

Session Type: Workshop

Florian Vogler – CEO panagenda

Christoph Adler – Senior Consultant panagenda

In this Workshop Florian Vogler & Christoph Adler will show you detailed how you can use MarvelClient Upgrade to configure, prepare and run the best HCL Notes installations ever. You will learn how easy it is to get all users upgraded to the latest and greatest version of HCL Notes in lightspeed, seamlessly and without any disruptions for users. Additionally to “upgrades” they will show how to create “initial” installation packages for HCL Notes being able to deploy this on new computers AND the fully automatic way to create an HCL Notes installation for virtual platforms like Citrix and VDI including all needed optimizations and performance tweaks.

INF107 – Integrating HCL Domino and Microsoft 365

Session Type: Presentation

Heather Hottenstein – Director Customer Service RPR Wyatt

Andy Higgins – President IM Collaboration

Is your organization flirting with a move to Microsoft 365? Or are you managing an infrastructure that includes both Domino servers and Microsoft 365 cloud services? As Microsoft 365’s footprint grows, many HCL Domino environments are finding the need for the two technologies to coexist. This session will discuss best practices, native options and third party tools to allow the two environments to work together, ultimately reducing your overhead and allowing your users to be productive.

UEX103 – Best practices for attending and presenting in web conferences

Session Type: Presentation

David Hablewitz – Principal Divergent Solutions

As we are thrown into the world of web conferencing, most of us were unprepared and unfamiliar with how to communicate through a camera. Attending a web conference with a camera on you can be very intimidating and giving a presentation to a camera audience creates unique challenges. It also presents new opportunities. In this session you will learn top tips from a seasoned expert on how to make the most of web conferencing including lighting, camera setup, audio, and how to avoid that embarrassing moment. As a bonus, you will see how you can use open source software to take green screening to the next level regardless of what web conferencing software you use. These are tips you can share with your whole company. HCL Ambassador and Distinguished Toastmaster David Hablewitz has been working from home for over 8 years, has over 10 years of public speaking experience in Toastmasters and has been interviewed on local TV and radio news dozens of times. This is your chance to learn the secrets he has accumulated through those years of experience.