INF114 – Prominic.NET presents: Sametime V11+

Session Type: Presentation

Jon Schultz
President at Prominic.NET

Join this session to learn about Prominic.NET and to hear about the new Sametime v11 chat and presence awareness platform. We’ll talk about required infrastructure, new back-end technologies, and lessons we’ve learned the hard way. We’ll also touch on the upcoming release of the v11.5 meeting server as well as other upcoming Prominic hosted Cloud offerings.

INF110 – Sametime Meeting 11.5 Installation and administration

Session Type: Presentation

Roberto Boccadoro
Sr. Consultantat ELD Engineering

In this session I will guide you through the installation steps for Sametime Meeting 11.5 and talk about administration of the server.

COL105 – DevOps for Sametime Administrators – A Sametime Meetings Deployment Overview

Session Type: Presentation

Luis Guirigay
Senior Global Director at HCL Software

HCL Sametime Meetings is coming out very soon and it is very important for all Sametime Administrators out there to be ready and deploy. This new release also brings a new world of technologies such as Kubernetes, Helm Charts, Containers and more and it’s very important to understand how these play a crucial role for Sametime Meetings. Join this session and get up to speed with everything you need to know for planning and deployment purposes.