HCL Digital Week came with one great Preview of Domino V12 and what it can do.

One of the greatest things that V12 brings is the capability of upgrading with ease:

  • Fast server upgrades and deployments; 

You don’t need to worry about the applications server, the database server, nor do you have to worry about testing all these apps to be compatible with these new databases and web servers. 

  • Applications are backward compatible – “No application left behind” 🙂

When you upgrade your Domino servers to V12 your applications will continue to work no matter what release you came from. HCL has put in a lot of effort to make sure that the applications work. 

In order to make things even easier for users, clearing the fuss of client updates, HCL brings Nomad Web to the table. The applications are being moved where you work most: the browser. Client updates are rendered obsolete.  This will:

  • Eliminate the headaches with one click deployment 4X faster – the administrator selects the users that need an upgrade, the user receives a link and Nomad Web takes care of the rest.
  • Work with Domino apps from a browser, launching in seconds

Since we all have our work on our phones as well, Nomad Mobile enables you to access Domino apps from a mobile device securely and take advantage of native mobile features including biometric capabilities.

When it comes to applications you can modernize them with ease, giving them that UI upgrade that your users will love. The best thing is that you will not need to re-write them thus saving a lot of money and time. 

You can also build something new all together while leveraging your Domino data with the help of Domino Volt.


One other goal of Domino V12 is to give users a harmonious experience, a tool that is integrated into the enterprise. How did HCL achieve that?

  • Single sign-on delivered
  • Apps are where and when you want them – even offline.

As you expected, no preview of Domino could have missed the mail component – HCL Verse. It comes with a great user experience in browser or on a mobile device with the lowest TCO infrastructure.

Chats and meetings are taken cared of by Sametime 11.5 which:

  • Brings stakeholders together;
  • Solves problems faster with persistent chat and meetings in the context of the app.

A quick overview of what Domino V12 is all about


For an awesome demo please make sure you watch the recording of this session HERE.