Digital Week from HCL came with the global unveiling of HCL Connections 7.

This year has proven to be quite a challenge tech wise for companies, with everybody working remote. So solutions needed to be found for:

  • Driving efficiencies while teams are working remotely
  • Keeping project teams connected, communicating and on the same page
  • Communicating strategy effectively, business focus shifts
  • Promoting a sense of community to the employees.

It’s important for you as a company to keep your employees connected since community has become even more important to business outcomes than it was before. Thus it’s vital that you:

  • Foster employee morale
  • Communication overcomes feeling disconnected
  • Maintain productivity

You might have noticed that employee productivity has had to suffer from:

  • Overlapping and disparate applications that are not integrated into the everyday flow of work;
  • Disconnected, dispersed content making finding what’s important a challenge;
  • Inability to turn tasks into consistent outcomes.

Connections offers a different approach for this, providing the structure to close information and communication gaps; an integrated experience for the user.

Here is what Connections can do for you:

  • Create engaging and successful Communities
    • Use proven templates built on your best practices.
    • Get up and running faster with an easy -to-use Community wizard.
    • Create more visual and customizable Community homepages.
  • Microsoft integration makes work more seamless
    • One click to start a chat and share content between Connections and Teams.
    • Seamlessly shift content between any Outlook client and Connections.
    • Instantly access SharePoint libraries in your Communities.
    • Automatically save changes to Microsoft Office files back to Connections
  • Reduce your upgrade headaches
    • Easily deploy the latest functionality with a cloud-native version of Component Pack (Amazon EKS and RedHat OpenShift).
    • Significantly reduce deployment time with automated scripts.
    • Minimize your hardware footprint with updated resource guidance.

HCL also offered us a great demo of what Connections 7 can do. Make sure you check it out HERE. 

To check out Connections 7 even more register for the preview HERE.