HCL’s Digital Week came with a lot of great announcements. One of them was the World Premiere of HCL Volt MX. 

Volt MX introduces itself as an industry-leading low-code platform for delivering apps across multiple digital touch points with one platform. It powers developer productivity, agility and speed to build apps that transform your business. 

The goal HCL has set for themselves is becoming a leader in low code application platform (LCAP) markets for professional and citizen developers.

Since the launch on HCL Volt the feedback received from customers has been positive, it has proven to be a most useful tool.

The new step in HCL Volt’s development is Volt MX. 

A great case study was presented to us during the World Premiere. Let’s take Sam, who is on a business trip, on its way to a client. He smashes his laptop and searches for the closest electronics store. He finds one nearby from which he frequently shops and for which he already has the app installed. Because he can’t physically test the laptop he uses Augmented Reality build in the HCL Volt MX app to explore the laptop capabilities. 

Next step for Sam is finding a protective case for the laptop he is about to buy, and even though he does not know the town he can use real-time wayfinding to navigate to the laptop accessories section. This is achieved through interior beacons in the store that are processed by the Volt MX app using the built in SDK that supports those capabilities.

Sam can also scan the product bar codes completing his purchase on mobile and retrieving the purchase at the pick-up window.

After he has finished this, when Sam needs to submit the expense claim he can do that with ease through HCL Notes.

Next, using the Volt MX Lotus Script Tool Kit a notification is sent to Sam’s direct manager’s smartphone to approve the expense.

If another round of approval is needed this can be achieved with ease. In this example the VP will receive a notification on her smartwatch, and she can approve by a tap of the watch.

This comes to demonstrate the ease to integrate business logic workflow written in Lotus Script using the HCL Volt MX Tool Kit to deliver multi-channel experiences on Android, iOS, Progressive Web Apps, native Windows apps all leveraging the same codes.

The points which make HCL Volt MX Rock:

  • Build Once. Deploy Everywhere – From native mobile to PWAs to wearables, build once and deploy any app, anywhere, on one cloud-native platform.

Your developers don’t need to be experts on iOS or Android development if you can use a single code base and deliver across any digital touchpoint or device.

  • Integrations Without Limits – Remove backend complexity and unlock existing data and business processes to reduce time to market by more than 60%.

You can use Volt Foundry, part of Volt MX, which provides a set of pre-built enterprise back-end services that power your client applications and can integrate with virtually back-end data, application or system. You can visually map your app to back-end API databases middleware or pre-built or custom connectors and can easily orchestrate integrations across systems with a few mouse clicks.

  • Innovative Interactions. Meaningful Engagement – Engage your users in new ways with VR, AR and voice chat. Add your choice of virtual elements, AI and NLP engines with ease.

The Volt MX platform simplifies the adoption of technologies such as in-store wave findings, intelligent chat-bots, VR, AR and wearables, thus ensuring that you’re at the forefront of the latest technology. Volt MX’s modern architecture provides the framework necessary to add these advanced technologies into apps for numerous users without being locked into a specific toolkit.

As a summary, here are the strengths that HCL Volt MX has:

  • Native Mobile Apps
    • User experience is critical
    • Performance
    • Scalable and stable
    • Support all device features
    • Platform specific
  • Integration Fabric
    • Secure
    • Optimized front-end services
    • Handle any identity service
    • Handle any integration type
    • Workflow and rule integration
  • Progressive Web Apps
    • Faster deployments
    • Works on all devices
    • Immediate updates
    • Native look and feel
    • Indexable by search engines
  • Cross-Platform
    • Single codebase
    • Generate native and PWAs
    • Embedded security
    • Developer productivity and ROI
    • No compromises

If you want to see even more of what HCL Volt MX can do for you and your apps watch the replay of the session HERE.