HCL’s Digital Week 2020 included a great presentation on Sametime and how it can help you organize your meetings better.

2020 meant that a lot of the work has been moved to remote. We have not been at the office in quite some time, and that meant that we needed to adjust how we communicated with our teams and customers.

As one would expect, this new way of working comes with its own specific set of problems:


Both companies and users are concerned about data privacy. High costs are one other issue that arose. You don’t want to pay for the option of your employee hosting an online meeting as much as you would if he would pay rent. The third thing that comes to mind is complexity. You want your employees to be able to use a tool without having to waste 30 min with install and setup; one-click-meetings are the goal here.

HCL Sametime Premium is an improved tool that comes with a number of perks like:

  • Pay for what you use – nothing else

Get off runaway pricing to take control of your video conferencing costs. Since meeting expenses were not budgeted for every employee as we now need, the costs have increased quite a bit. With Sametime, you only pay for what you use for infrastructure and the licensing cost is competitive as you’ll find out.

  • Your meetings, your data, your choice

Own your meeting and data with rock-solid privacy, encryption and auditability. You decide where your data is stored, be it on-premises or cloud.Sametime comes with a faster deployment, easy install and fewer servers.

  • Meetings with one click

HCL aims to reinvent video conferencing into a true digital office for employees.

Let’s see what is new with Sametime Premium:

Apart from all the great things that Sametime Premium already offers, next year HCL is planning on working to deliver a richer end user experience, fully cloud native and your own digital office.

The main word of the day remains: Your Choice. You can choose to deploy where you see fit, be it cloud deployment in order to have:

  • Managed Kubernetes
  • Pay for what you use
  • Less complexity
  • Up and running in minutes

Or On Premises Deployment which is best fitted for:

  • Regulated Industries
  • Kubernetes Clusters already deployed
  • No internet access

As you might expect, there are more awesome things coming soon:


The Digital Week session also came with an awesome demo which you can check out here to see for yourself why Sametime Premium can be a great solution for you.