On February 9th HCL hosted a great webinar on how we can use Connections to help our teams work better while being remote.

We all know that the past year has led to an increase in remote-based employees. This shift also revealed that companies lacked major components of collaboration while trying to manage too many siloed apps. 

Even with the new developments, remote working is not going away so finding ways to make teams work closely and collaborate is still a problem that needs a solution.


One of the biggest roadblocks encountered to close collaboration is the lack of a fundamental framework that makes collaboration easier. Communities comes in to offer a solution to that issue.

Connections 7 brought enhancements to Communities, making it a flexible, digital workspace where people come together to communicate, collaborate, share information and expertise and solve problems. This is all achieved while focusing on a particular project or important organizational task. 

Here is an overview of what Connections Communities is all about:


Community Framework

When working face to face some things come easier than others; remote working might make it a bit more difficult. Here are the Goals that each individual in a company has, as well as the ones the company has and the Actions that are needed to get there.


Communication is one of the biggest challenges. Since you don’t work in the same office with your colleagues you can’t just pop a question when you see they are available. Also, with remote working a lot of the work time is scheduled so we need tools that help us collaborate with our team with ease.

Having a space where you can work collaboratively with docs is also a major need since you really don’t want to spend time looking for the “final final” version. 

Connections Community can help your organization by:

  • Accelerating information sharing among team members
  • Facilitating transparency of membership, content and task management
  • Streamlining project workflows
  • Driving increased employee productivity
  • Enabling faster access to expertise
  • Facilitating communication across time zones, multiple geographies
  • Providing common platform for brainstorming and ideation

One great advantage that Connections Communities has is the ease of setup. With the Connections Wizard you can jumpstart new teams quickly. 

You also get a step by step guide to walk you through the Community setup process. Picking from approved Community templates makes success repeatable and also saves time and reduces your learning curve.

The Community Templates are Built on your best practices:

  • Efficiently design and manage your team space, content and integrations, without IT assistance
  • Turn Communities into reusable templates or take advantage of HCL and 3rd party templates
  • Apply templates to leverage best practices and ensure a consistent organizational approach.

Connections also helps bring organization and structure to your work, which is crucial to exchanging information. There is no need to search across multiple apps to find missing information – you have it all under one roof. 

Knowledge is presented and shared within an organized approach. Increased knowledge sharing also leads to an improvement in employee engagement. When you have everything in one place it makes the knowledge transfer process for new team members easier, faster and more efficient.

The recording for this webinar is available and is definitely worth checking out as it has a great demo as well. 


  • Employee engagement and culture is top of mind based on seismic shift to remote-based workforce
  • Companies are typically missing major components of collaboration – increasing the need for a comprehensive, collaborative platform
  • A collaborative platform must bridge the gap between application and information silos to ensure efficient and reliable information exchange
  • Communities enable information flow and sharing across the entire collaborative ecosystem.

You can register for a Connections V7 preview here. You can download it, try out new templates and of course share your thoughts with HCL.

If you have any questions about Connections and how it can help your employees work better, drop us an email.