Last year came with its challenges, one of the most important was being able to work from home and still remain productive and in touch with your team.

The need for digital solutions for a very complex set of necessities has grown like no one had anticipated.

People have been investing heavily into solutions to manage digital interactions. Depending on the industry you may have needs to organize websites, automate marketing activity, add an interface for your online shop and also add targeted mobile apps. The purpose is for organizations to evolve and be able to seamlessly combine their digital content, create, integrate their complex business apps, systems, data and digitize their existing business processes when it’s needed. 

It’s obvious that an organization’s website is delivering business critical digital experiences. A banking or insurance company would have a very difficult time without a website. HCL DX combines persuasive content, integrated apps and you put those together and you can digitize and deliver core business processes. 

This digital joyride does not stop at customers and partners as organizations need to deliver a good experience to their employees as well as part of the digital workplace.

The MXDP or Multi-Experience Development Platform is all about developing an application once and delivering the solution across multiple platforms. It’s purpose is to accelerate the creation and deployment of targeted apps for mobile devices. In the mobile devices category we are not only talking about laptops, phones and tablets but also wearables, IoT devices, immersive touchpoints, virtual reality and augmented reality.  In the end you get a great app with awesome experience. 

As an example, if you would like to ask your phone where to find a certain item while you are at the home improvement store, you will have an app that will help you with that, making the experience all that more pleasant. 

You might think that this cross-platform need is only for a certain industry, retail for instance, but HCL has made some analysis and got to the conclusion that some needs can be found across industries: Healthcare, Insurance, Retail and Restaurants, Travel & Transport, Energy & Utilities. 

A healthcare example would be that you might want to have the option of not only accessing your healthcare provider’s website but also be able to access your records, schedule a checkup, see a prescription or handle a co-pay from your phone. 

If you have multiple insurances, like many of us do, car, house, life, you want to be able to access them from a portal and manage them from there. And ideally you will want to be able to access that portal from your phone, not just your desktop. 

When it comes to Energy for instance, you will for sure use your phone if there is a power outage as your other utilities are rendered useless. You can expect that the utility company is using a web based app to manage task assignment, progress management for the outages for instance. But the field technicians need something they can carry with them and be able to access it fast in order to provide updates or ask for parts, etc. Also, the mobile app will need to communicate with the one from headquarters so everybody is in the loop of what is happening

This collaborative way of seeing things means from an IT perspective that you will need to solve a number of needs which will require access to a number of complex business processes and data that is often “behind the login”. 

Enterprises are composed by a number of divisions that deliver a set of related services and content to their customers. Typically the medium for interaction between these divisions is the organization’s web presence. However an enterprise needs a digital solution that delivers services in a consistent manner through different channels. 

As an example, when accessing your bank’s website you will not want to have to login multiple times for different actions (checking data, check investment account or credit card transactions).  To top it all up, you would also login into the bank’s mobile app and see that the info is not the same. That would be a nightmare for anybody.  The whole purpose is to offer a solution that delivers engaging experiences for the customer and the employee as well.

Getting to that wholesome solution that gives your customers a single point of entry and access to all the services is not as easy as one would want. It’s a hard to accomplish goal because you need to have the right mindset and platforms in place. 

The number one thing that you must accomplish is cater to your consumers’ situational interactions. We are not only talking about customers but also employees or partners. The digital experience needs to accomodate a number of needs, be it reading some instructions, access an account; and you need to be able to provide that from a number of devices. 

Next in line comes the importance of having a consistent and secure user experience. Lastly, you need to be able to digitize and connect to processes. Some processes were designed to be manual, partly because they were internal; being able to digitize them, adding integrations, forms, flows necessary to make them usable, or creating new forms to existing systems data and processes. 

The presentation can be viewed here and it also features some great scenarios where digital solutions can be of real help. 

To sum it up, having a great app is one thing, but having a great app that integrates seamlessly with a number of platforms and systems is a whole new level of greatness.


So you can try out what HCL DX and HCL Volt have to offer and tell us your opinion.