HCL has organized a great webinar on March 17th on HCL Sametime Premium and why it’s a great tool to help you with your chat and meetings.

It’s already old news that our workplaces do not look like they did a year ago. Most of us are still working from home, and a lot of the meetings that were in person have been moved online. This means that an organization needs to make the chat and meetings tool available to all its employees, which can lead a considerable rise in costs. 

One other thing that you might need to pay attention to is the security of that data. You want to know where it is being stored and most importantly that it is not used in a foul manner.  This leads to another important aspect: do you want to have your info on-prem, in cloud, a hybrid option? So you would need a solution that is flexible enough to give you just that.

Next in the line of things to worry about is how well your team collaborates not only when in meetings, with direct contact, but also when they work independently.

Out of the ones we mentioned, security is one of the most important. You want your data to be secure. The two major concerns when it comes to data privacy and security in the cloud are:


  • Managing data across multi-cloud environments
  • Storing data without the correct level of encryption.

Here are some questions that might need answers if you are using 3rd Party Cloud Based Solutions:


  • Who “owns” your data?
  • Is it secure?
  • Who controls the updates?
  • Will it be “sold” for data mining?
  • How can I remove my data?
  • Who can I call for help?

The other big issue that last year put into the spotlight are High Costs. When almost everybody of not every single employee needs a meeting tool the costs might skyrocket with:


  • Ever-increasing licensing costs
  • Ever-increasing demand from your users
  • Other resources and operational costs
  • Very limited control for admin and policies

HCL Sametime Premium is trying to lend a hand with this issue as well by offering a cost up to 60% lower than competing platforms with a maximum cost of $3 / user / month. 

One important thing about HCL Sametime Premium is that it is your data, you have the ownership of your meetings, you can choose whether you want to deploy it on-prem or in cloud. You pay for what you are using, nothing more and you can create your very own Digital Workplace.


As far as deployment goes, HCL Sametime Premium comes with a number of flexible options meant to give you a tailored experience:


  • Cloud Deployment
    • Managed Kubernetes
    • Pay for what you use
    • Less Complexity
    • Up and running in minutes
  • On-Premises Deployment
    • Regulated industries
    • Kubernetes Clusters already deployed
    • No internet allowed.

Another plus for HCL Sametime Premium is that you are no longer glued to your computer or app. You can use Sametime Chat and Meeting in browser, Desktop Client, PWA, Native Mobile Client or Integrate it into your favorite collaboration tool. 

The webinar had an awesome success story so make sure you watch the replay here.

Here is the feedback HCL received:


Now that we have explained all that HCL Sametime Premium does, let’s see what is scheduled for the future.

The themes for the Roadmap are:

  • Offering a Rich User Experience
  • Integrations
  • Cloud Native
  • Digital Workplace

HCL is aiming on converting Sametime into a one-stop Digital Workplace: