Last year came to demonstrate that we do need digital workplaces in order to do our jobs. HCL’s Connections came to lend a hand.

This is no news that the most important asset of a company is its people. If your employees can collaborate seamlessly they will be better at their job, getting tasks done faster and better.

Here are the Crucial Elements of a Digital Workplace


One great way to help your employees with working together is using the Communities feature within Connections. It will help group people around the same goal or a task and enable them to better work together towards getting the job done.

The 2-way Communication feature enables your employees to better know what their colleagues are doing. It also helps with having a conversation between co-workers, generating feedback and discussion, which in the end helps improve efficiency and morale, as well as keep everybody in the loop and informed, be it colleagues or management. 

In terms of having a better communication method, having a Homepage capability with a dedicated homepage that kickstarts the relationships within your company: which community handles what, which team-member do you report to, etc. is a big help with starting and managing your day well. Having that page easily updated by the Community manager also helps since it eliminates a potential bottleneck in the form of “IT guy”.

You also want to make sure your team can work on the docs that need to be prepared collaboratively. So you don’t get 10 versions of the same doc and try to figure out which one is the most recent one. That’s what the Connections Docs does.

Last but not least, having a well organized wiki or forum helps with information management. It’s easier to have all the info condensed in the same place, easy to locate rather than having people explaining the same thing 10 times. It also works great when onboarding new team members. HCL Connections does both of those things.

Security is not something to be taken lightly when it comes to a digital workspace, especially the way work has changed, a company needs to make sure that all the information that is processed is secure, that people only have access where they are authorized and so on.

Mobility is also a must these days. If we have learned anything from 2020 it is that collaboration and digitalizations are a must in an ever changing work environment.

HCL Connections can help companies solve those pain points when it comes to the digital workspace


The heart and soul of HCL Connections and the digital workspace are Communities. They help you organize your teams and content around certain projects. They also help create a collaboration channel for team members.

In order to have a better task management tool Activities comes in. It provides a project management tool to assign and monitor tasks and it also displays a real-time status of every project.

Those of you who are hiring will appreciate the Orient Me component of HCL Connections. It’s designed to offer a personalized homepage which will bring the most relevant tools, apps and updates right a click away.

Having everything integrated is a big plus. The HCL Connections integration with Microsoft enables one-click access to your Community inside your Teams Channel. You can also share Connections content in your Teams Chat as well as access SharePoint libraries in your Communities.

Since we are all pretty much mobile these days, HCL Connections has adapted and can be accessed from anywhere as it supports iOS and Android devices.

Here is why you should choose HCL Connections:


If you want to take HCL Connections for a spin and check if it’s a good match for your company, check out the demo environment HCL offers.

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