The Prominic development team has released MyAccount 1.3.7 on June 7th, as they continue to drop monthly updates to MyAccount. Version 1.3.8 came out June 26th.

The main update in this release is related to the Billing interface:

– A new section called ‘Billing‘ has been added, with billing and payment related items categorized under it.

– The Billing / Invoices & Payments section shows a running list of invoices, payments, credits, and the current outstanding balance.

– The Billing / Payment Methods section shows available payment options, including the payment address for mailed checks, ACH/Wire transfer details, and credit card options (if available).

Here is what the updated Billing interface looks like:

HCL Sametime 11.6 Pricing

Some cosmetic changes to the Infrastructure / Domino Servers / New Domino Server form have also been made.

MyAccount v1.3.8 fixed the Create Snapshot action in Infrastructure/Manage VMs.  Note that this only works for VirtualBox VMs currently.  We plan to add bhyve support soon.

Domino 12 was added to the Downloads page, and the page format has been updated as well.

Next, the development team has the following upcoming major features planned (though they may not be included in next release): 

  • Monthly HTTP Statistics (including authenticated user counts)
  • Confirm Phone Numbers by SMS
  • Two-factor Authentication

As always, MyAccount can be accessed through the upper right corner of the Prominic.NET website’s menu or by going to https://Prominic.NET/MyAccount.

If you have any questions about your account or need help navigating MyAccount, please reach out to the support team.