The new normal of the post-pandemic work ecosystem has determined software companies to try and offer users the best possible tools for collaboration. Even though we are not in the office, we still need our colleagues to get things done. HCL Connections has been indispensable in empowering the remote work environment for its users.

At the same time CEOs are taking this pandemic as an opportunity to adjust the way we work and think:

Today’s information needs to be delivered differently as well, as employee expectations have changed:

  • Information needs to be received when and where you want it;
  • It needs to have a familiar format which does not overwhelm;
  • It needs to be filtered to ensure that it is relevant;
  • Needs to be personalized; so that I get the info which is important to me;
  • It needs to be accessible on multiple devices and also transferable (start on one device, finish on another).

There are two modes of internal communications:

  • Engagement:
    • Management to Employee
    • Employee to Management
  • Collaboration
    • Employee to Employee
    • Employee to Team Members

The importance of good communication in a company has been pointed out by numerous studies:

Transforming Employee Communuications with HCL Connections

Nothing speaks about efficiency like true stories, let’s overview some case studies and see how HCL Connections has helped businesses.

Case 1: Employee Intranet

The company in question is a manufacturer of copper cables, fiber optics with about 5000 employees, working on the global market.


The existing employee intranet was static and lacked the employee interaction desired or ability for employees to contribute. Employees were forced to explore multiple information sources to find out what was going on. 


Developed an integrated solution including Connections + CEC (Connections Engagement 

Center) to deliver a reliable, single-source of information, 2-way interaction with employees, and personalization based on employee role and/or location.


New employee intranet delivered a more intuitive, multi-channel experience and expanded authorship so employees could provide input. Created a compelling landing intranet page that keeps employees up-to-date on the latest news from both inside and outside of the organization.

Case 2: Employee to Team Communication Collaboration

The company in question is an Engineering and Architectural firm, managing large construction projects, with over 700 employees and handling projects globally.


Keeping their engineers assigned to hundreds of infrastructure projects communicating and coordinated in solving problems and meeting customer deadlines. 


Implemented Connections for all employees to increase access to specialized knowledge and expertise ⎯ enabling employees to share best practices and solve problems faster.


Rapid adoption by employees demonstrated they valued the solution Connections saves engineers days of research by enabling rapid-fire questions and answers. Whenever a new contract is awarded, a dedicated community in HCL Connections is created for all internal and external participants involved in the project.

Effective employee communication leads to:

  • Instills and sustains company culture, values
  • Cultivates a working environment that is engaged and focused, improving employee retention;
  • Ensures employees understand company vision and sharpens their focus on the right goals, delivering revenue and profit;
  • Encourages innovation and fostering knowledge-sharing
  • Improves the employee experience resulting in higher job satisfaction

If you have any questions about HCL Connections and how it can help you improve communication within your company just drop us a line.