Microsoft has been talking a lot about how O365 can be the answer to everybody’s dream, and some managers have started thinking about replacing Connections, but there is still a place, and an important one for this tool that makes collaboration so much easier.

Adam Gartenberg hosted a presentation at Collabsphere just about that: how keeping Connections is better than migrating to Office 365.

HCL Connections is all about having everything in one place and being able to collaborate with your team without much fuss. 

One thing that you do need to analyze is what do you want to achieve through digital collaboration:

  • Agile, self-organized, innovation-driven company.. or structured, hierarchical
  • What values are important for your organization and how do the digital tools you provide employees support them?
  • How are you role modeling your culture in a digital environment?
  • How are you keeping everyone on the same page when not in the same building?
  • Is your goal to share documents or build solutions?

We all know that the way we work has changed and some of these changes are here to stay. In that regard you need to analyze if you can afford to move backwards:

  • Staying connected is more critical than ever
  • Communication is more vital than ever
  • Speed and efficiency are paramount.

Community and Employee Engagement are now more crucial to your business outcomes than ever before. 

My company wants to replace Connections with Microsoft 365

Here is a comparison of how you could start your work day:

My company wants to replace Connections with Microsoft 365 Workday at a glance

The key attributes of a successful digital workplace are:

My company wants to replace Connections with Microsoft 365 Digital Workplace

There are some fundamental differences in how HCL Connections and Microsoft approach these requirements.

User Centric
HCL Connections:
  • Home page prioritized by user’s contacts and network
  • Tag and find expertise
  • People as the content filter
  • Profiles integrated throughout the platform
  • Content-centric approach with insufficient focus on the end user can lead to lack of context and low levels of collaboration and engagement.
HCL Connections:
  • Open communities as primary focus of collaboration
  • Early discover relevant communities
  • Comments associated with shared content, not buried in individual file
  • Status updates vs private emails
  • Multiple content repositories and applications lead to siloed content that is not discoverable.
HCL Connections:
  • All activity contained in an integrated application with consistent UI
  • Home page aggregates updates and actions
  • Single version of the truth for files and content
  • Integrated, unified notifications across the entire platform
  • Loosely connected applications can lead to missed opportunities, unnecessary searching and duplication of effort
  • Confusion on which applications to use when constantly launching into new apps and switching contexts
HCL Connections:
  • Open communities and easy resharing that promote “knowledge accidents”
  • Reactions propagated throughout the platform
  • Easy to understand sharing controls
  • Collaboration beyond the conversation
  • Private communities and an over-reliance on email create walled gardens of content that won’t spread virally throughout the organization.

One aspect that the pandemic changed is that companies have become more siloed. Group chats have decreased and smaller chats have increased. This leads to less collaboration on a team level.

My company wants to replace Connections with Microsoft 365 Teams Silos

The main issue with this is according to Dr. Nancy Baym, Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft, that: “When you lose connections, you stop innovating. There are no new ideas getting in and groupthink becomes a serious possibility”.

HCL Connections is making collaboration possible in this hybrid workplace by offering an integrated platform which lets you:

  • Maintain a single version of the truth
  • Harness your network to find expertise
  • Congregate and collaborate in community sites
  • Collaborate beyond the conversation
  • Easily share, find and work with content
  • Easily customize the environment
  • Empower end users.

Organizations that are most successful at collaborating have given their employees an environment that is User Centric, Transparent, Connected and Viral. HCL Connections is unique in providing a secure, integrated, open platform that connects employees to foster engagement and collaboration.

Here’s how our Three Thirds was able to navigate complex tasks when it came to HCL Connections. 

Also, make sure you check out how Connections can be integrated with O365 and how team collaboration has changed for companies which use HCL Connections.

If you would like to talk more about HCL COnnections and Office 365 just send us an email and we are happy to help you find the best solution for your company.