Considering the increasing number of cyberattacks we have seen last year, it’s important for business owners to focus not only on increasing revenue but also making sure such an attack would not affect their organization. 

There are a lot of objectives that one organization sets at the beginning of the year and there are times when security falls behind. It’s the management’s job to set cybersecurity as a priority since the losses in case of a data breach or a non-expected data loss might result in quite a revenue loss.

Here are our three best cybersecurity improvements for business owners to have for the new year, which you should try to take care of.

Employee Security Training And Creating A Security Safe Culture

There have been a number of studies which revealed that the human factor is the weakest link when it comes to data breaches. 

Taking that into consideration, if you have not done security training with your employees it’s time to schedule it as soon as possible. Training your employees will teach them how to avoid the mistakes which often lead to business risks. 

Training your employees in security practices not only prepares them for whatever might come their way (phishing attempts for instance) but it will also help you create a culture around tech security. When your employees are properly trained it seems only natural to implement all the measures needed to ensure data privacy and cybersecurity. 

This step of course should be included with the onboarding of each new employee so that they will be part of the security culture you are implementing from the very get go. 

Having this strategy in place will ensure that your business is less prone to cybersecurity risks, thus ensuring that it’s safer.

Utilize A Trust-Worthy Cloud Provider

We have covered extensively why it’s important how you choose your cloud provider in several of our articles

Having a partner who takes the time to understand your business and its needs rather than simply offering pre-made cookie-cutter solutions might prove to be the way to go considering how markets and situations change from month to month. Whether you would want to opt for a cloud solution or an on-premises one, having somebody in your corner guiding you along the way is highly useful.

When selecting a cloud provider, there are important considerations in terms of security, infrastructure redundancy, employee access, and many other factors.

Data Back-up and DR Plans

Your data is one of your most important assets. Be it your own or your customers’, you want to keep it as safe as possible. Having a DR plan in place also is a must in order to ensure that if disaster strikes you don’t have any business interruptions.

No data center is ultimately 100% fail-proof, whether on-premise or third-party. So, working with a provider that can offer you backups on multiple locations and also help you with a contingency plan in case one instance goes down is a must in this time and age. This is how you ensure that your business will keep running.

Apart from having your data backed up it’s important to discuss with your provider about the security layers they offer. Be it firewalls, encryption, employee roles, you need to make sure that your data is accessible only to the people that need and are allowed to access it.

When you make your plans for this year, don’t forget to include cybersecurity as well. This will help you prevent eventual monetary losses as well as grant you some great peace of mind. It’s easier to focus on revenue and employees and the market when you know that everything you have built is safe and that even if the worst happens your business is safe.