In the last two months, we got a peek at the future planned for HCL Connections, first at the Engage conference, and then at an HCL’s webinar.

Let’s go through the great things that HCL Connections will bring next. Here is the road so far and what is in the making for V8:

HCL Connections V8 Roadmap

Version 8 of HCL Connections comes with a timeline of its own:

HCL Connections V8

The goal for HCL Connection V8 is to bring forward a reimagined user experience with a simplified search and ubiquitous sharing.

Improved Usability: Fewer Clicks, Intuitive Experience

  • Faster Navigation – Intuitive,modern navigation and design saves clicks, improves adoption
  • Prominent Search/Sharing – always-present for instant results and one-click sharing
  • Easy Customization – Allows for customer customization while maintaining consistency across the DS portfolio

Supercharged Search & Search Results

  • Streamlined Search UI – adhering to industry best practices
  • Recent Searches and QuickResults – Immediately find the content, communities and people you are looking for 
  • Clear Results – Simplified filtering ensures relevant results are easy to find.

Increased Collaboration with Universal Upload & Share

  • One-click Access on Every Page to: 

  • Upload and share a file
  • Share content inside Connections or through third party services (e.g., Sametime, Teams)

HCL Connections 8 – Navigation reimagined

The new navigation changes the focus to consistency – you can see it regardless of where you are in Connections. Ease of access is the most important aspect.

  • Top navigation with configurable logo, color and environment name
  • Always-present search bar with updated search experience from start-to-find
  • Left main navigation with access to key Connections apps; configurable to add more apps
  • Important-To-Me now always on the right giving users quick access to their key people and Communities
HCL Connections V8 Navigation

HCL Connections 8 – Search simplified

A center placed search bar simplifies user interaction with context sensitive focus and intuitive filtering.

  • Always in the same spot, the search bar changes context to the current app
  • Newly designed results page for visual and intuitive filtering of the results
HCL Connections V8 Search
  • Recently viewed content on first click gives quick access to commonly used resources
HCL Connections V8 Search
  • Easily broaden or narrow the scope with suggested options
HCL Connections V8_5

HCL Connections 8 – Ubiquitous Sharing

The improved Share buttons enable users to share the page they are currently viewing with Connections or integrated chat tools.

  • Any page within Connections can be shared within Connections, Sametime or Teams or other chat tools
  • Share with People or Communities while permissions are still enforced on private content
HCL Connections V8 Ubiquitous Sharing
  • Quickly upload a file with the new upload (and share) button
HCL Connections V8 File upload

HCL Connections 8 – Universal Important-To-Me bar

Firstly introduced in Orient Me, you can now find the pinned and recommended contacts, communities everywhere for instant interaction.

  • Quick access to a pinned contact’s updates, content, chat, meeting and more
  • Recommended contacts based on shared interests and actions
  • Pinned Communities at your fingertips
  • Context sensitive filter brings a person’s content forward based on where you are (Files, Wiki, Blog, etc.).
HCL Connections V8 Homepage

HCL Connections V8 – Always the right Homepage

A combination between Orient Me and Latest Updates, the Discover view and a configurable My Page enables users to select how to catch up on all the work.

  • Orient Me delivers updates based on their importance
  • Latest updates delivers updates in chronological order
  • Discover by recommendations
  • My View with dashboard-like access to Connections apps

The user can switch between the 4 modes and set a default one. 

To see it for yourself you can register for a HCL Connections V8 preview or access it here.

HCL Connections V8 the Road Ahead

HCL Connections V8 Roadmap  – Desktop

HCL Connections V8 Roadmap Desktop

HCL Connections V8 Roadmap  – Mobile

HCL Connections V8 Roadmap Mobile

HCL Connections V8 Roadmap  – What the future holds

HCL Connections V8 Roadmap

HCL Connections Cedar – Coming 2023


Making it easier to run Connections and keeping it current with required stack components.

  • Release cadence: A shorter time between releases with a smaller scope and deployment effort will make it easier to stay current while giving end-users more continuous improvements.
  • Infrastructure: Update WAS and target Liberty support.
  • Simplified Installation: Ongoing effort to improve process, documentation, steps required to get to a full deployment.
  • Other: Help with GDPR compliance (DPTK)

Community Focus

Supporting Community owners to create engaging and up to date experiences for their Community.

  • Communities are at the heart of the Connections domain – continued focus on bringing more features to Community management and key applications.
  • Lifecycle: Guide the Community through its lifecycle, from draft, live, to archive.
  • Members: Better manage and organize members.
  • Admin-like Tools: Manage community, content, people. (ICXT)
  • Wiki Approval: Support for workflows in Wikis.

Better Together:

  • HCL Leap: Create Leap applications and easily embed them in Communities.
  • HCL Digital Experience and Volt MX: Engaging employee DX sites and mobile apps bring your workforce closer.
  • HCL Sametime: New capabilities based on updated Sametime Chat and Meeting capabilities.
  • Microsoft Teams: Improve existing Teams integration based on customer feedback and availability of new APIs and functions in Teams.

For a full view over the HCL Connections V8 roadmap you can check out this webinar replay. 

For any assistance in your journey with HCL Connections just send us an email and we are more than happy to lend you a hand.