Last year’s Collabsphere was packed with a lot of great presentations. Some brought us some new versions of HCL’s products, some presented us some strategies that will be implemented throughout this year. 

Andrew Manby’s presentation on Digital Solutions Product Strategy was one of those presentations which painted the future.

Last year was all about Digital Innovations:

  • Low-Code: App Dev, Collaboration, Data Science, DevOps&Security
  • Automation: Workflow, Processes and AI-assisted
  • Total Experience: Employees, Partners, Consumers, all Devices, Chat Bots, Mixed Reality
  • Cloud: My Cloud Platform of Choice
  • Innovation to make my project go faster and make it easier

Here is an overview of HCL’s Digital Solutions

The purpose of a Digital Workplace is to accelerate the work flow. This means that things need to be:

  1. Easy: from meetings to communities – always there
  2. Secure: Imagine Domino as the email server for any client you want to use
  3. Fast: Developers and employees can create apps and workflows.

HCL Sametime Strategic Direction

HCL Sametime Strategic Direction

HCL Connections Strategic Direction

HCL Connections Strategic Direction

HCL Domino and Domino Volt Strategic Direction

HCL Domino and Domino Volt Strategic Direction

A study conducted by Forrester Consulting in July of 2021 ha iterated that:

  • 80% of asked companies prioritize improving customer engagement touchpoints by enabling mobile access to services
  • 77% considered the speed of deployment with low-code to be a critical driver
  • 40% organizations adding 25% more digital sites over the next 2 years to handle their online traffic. 

What is behind the Experience Counts

Digital Strategy

Apps these days have not only become more and more part of everybody’s life, but have also become more and more complex. We want to be able to identify a part we would need for a DIY project just by uploading a photo to our local Home and Deco shop for instance. That leads to a need to have great, integrated apps that can be delivered faster.

HCL believes companies want to expand their enterprise’s business-critical digital experiences for maximum innovation and customer engagement. There will be a shift in what investments customers need to make at the intersection of processes, content and apps to go faster. This is the future HCL is trying to prepare for.

Having a way of bringing your app on all devices, at all times with minimum coding is going to be the way to go. You do need a way to integrate all the working parts, be it content or processes and make them work in different environments. We all have most of our apps on our phones, this trend is not going away. At the same time, being able to switch between devices is also a requirement these days.

The goal that HCL has set for themselves is to be the best when it comes to low-code development. In order to achieve that they have developed Volt MX for professional developers which delivers native a PWA-based mobile apps fast while also having unlimited integration. 

For citizen developers there is Volt which focuses on building solutions without making complex IT decisions.

As you might expect, DX also plays an important part in HCL’s strategy for this year. HCL’s DX platform delivers business-critical systems that power corporations, organizations and governments and because of that, their experience delivering trusted connections is one of the greatest. 

Beyond deep systems integration they connect your developer team, business and IT users to enable them to create powerful experiences for end-users.

To conclude HCL will continue working into delivering for the future:

  • Investing in their customer’s digital success 
  • Keep giving feedback to HCL via Aha!
  • We are to expect a continued major portfolio release cadence
    • digital workplace – mail, meetings, communities, apps
    • low-code – #1 in 3-years for citizen and professional developers
    • trusted digital experiences across all channels.

If you need any help with deciding what HCL solution best fits your business needs let’s have a talk and we can help you.