Your Secure Private Cloud Platform for running your Domino Applications

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Protect your custom Domino applications in the redundant, multiple-datacenter Prominic cloud
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Hosted Notes mail and Verse on Premises, with full security and privacy
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Keep your peace of mind with Prominic’s Domino disaster recovery infrastructure
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Access your data through the Notes client, a web browser, and your iOS/Android devices
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Low-code, pro-code, and everything in between — easy app development options for every skill level

HCL Domino Application Hosting

Your Domino Cloud. Your Domino Applications

Domino is the best choice for securing your data and rapidly developing applications.

 Prominic manages nearly a thousand of Domino servers at its secure data centers. Our Domino customers have their own dedicated Domino environments that aren’t shared, and aren’t multi-tenant.

 Your data is yours, and should never be mined or spied on by your cloud provider. We respect your privacy and ownership of your data. Our only business is to keep your organization’s Domino always available and running smoothly in your own private Prominic cloud.

email hosting

HCL Notes Mail and HCL Verse Securely Hosted in Prominic’s Cloud

Verse On-Premises is a powerful next-generation enterprise email platform with the best user experience available on the market across desktops, tablets and smartphones. 

Together with HCL Notes Mail, Verse is the most secure and advanced email platform available that can be hosted under your control, in your own private cloud. This means keeping your organization’s most sensitive information secure and out of the hands of others.



Secure access to email via the HCL Notes client, a web browser, and your iOS/Android devices


Simple, modern, and intuitive user interface


Optional integrated instant messaging & presence awareness via HCL Sametime


Ongoing product and service updates, fixes, and new version releases

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high availability hosting

HCL Notes Mail and Domino Application Server Disaster Recovery

Prominic understands how devastating downtime and data loss can be. Let us provide you with a cost–effective disaster recovery solution, and peace of mind.

We are uniquely equipped to provide disaster recovery and business continuity services for your IBM Notes and Domino environment.

  • Securely replicate your Domino data to the Prominic cloud, in real time.
  •  Additional hourly backups to counter accidental document deletions.
  •  Utilize your Prominic disaster recovery environment for real-time failover during an extended internal outage.
  •  Our certified Domino administrators provide 24 x 7 x 365 expertise and support.



Access your mail and Domino applications via the HCL Notes client, either installed locally or streamed dynamically from the Prominic cloud.


With a built-in web server, Domino allows native browser access to email or any application you build. And coming soon: a browser-based Notes client!


Access your email, calendar, contacts, and any Domino application on your iOS/Android phone or tablet.


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HCL Domino Application Development

HCL Domino Application Development: from low-code to pro-code

Domino offers application development options for every skill level, empowering both business users and advanced programmers to build applications and solve business problems. From Node RED to LotusScript to Java to Node.js (and coming soon: OpenFormula), Domino is open to a vast pool of developer talent.


HCL plans to continue to transform Domino into an advanced low-code and pro-code platform, making it the most versatile rapid application development platform on the market.

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