HCL Volt MX for Low-Code App Development

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What is HCL Volt MX?


HCL Volt MX is the leading low-code application development platform that transforms the way your organization approaches innovation. Create stunning and scalable apps quickly and easily across any device, all on one platform. In today’s fast-paced world, engaging experiences across all digital touchpoints are crucial for success.

HCL Volt MX empowers digital innovators with mobile and PWAs, boosting productivity, agility, and speed to transform customer journeys, employee engagement, and your business.


The Volt MX platform is made up of two major components — a low-code integrated development environment ( HCL Iris) and a backend integration, orchestration and services layer (HCL Foundry). Together these enable rapid app development without limits or constraints on what you can do.

Why Volt MX?

With VoltMX, you can create stunning applications that work seamlessly on various channels, including native mobile and progressive web apps, as well as wearable devices and kiosks. It’s cloud-native, so you can design and develop applications with a unified codebase that ensures unlimited user experiences, no matter how complex or extensive the scale.

The platform offers a suite of robust backend runtime services that facilitate the integration of data through connectors, the creation of new services, and the configuration of backend business processes, enabling you to get up and running quickly.

HCL Volt MX offers a unified platform that enables the integration of AI and machine learning in various digital touchpoints such as conversational apps, wearables, and VR and AR experiences. 

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Rapid App Delivery

You can accelerate your solution delivery time from months to weeks with our low-code development environment, which offers fast visual assembly and pre-built backend services for building robust solutions.

Automated testing & DevOps

Save time and resources on testing with our automated testing capabilities that seamlessly integrate with your current infrastructure.

Simplify business processes

Simplify management of complex workflows by enabling the visual building of back-end business processes. You can design business rules, integrate third-party services, automate basic decisions, write complex logic, incorporate human interaction, and more using this method.

Built-In Analytics

Transform your data into actionable insights with customizable dashboards that feature both prebuilt and customizable analytics. Get reports on device and app usage, policy compliance, and user journey event tracking to inform your strategy and drive better business decisions.

Simply powerful Security

With just one click, you can activate multi-layered security measures for both your client application and backend services. HCL Volt MX offers enterprise-grade security certifications to safeguard your data and identity, providing protection and peace of mind.

Cross Platform Integrations

HCL Volt MX combines the benefits of native and PWAs and seamless integrations to deliver a comprehensive platform for your app with a single code base. It includes built-in scripting, automated testing, and DevOps capabilities to streamline development. With low-code development, it allows organizations to accelerate app development and simplify component and API management.

Flexible & fast Deployment

The deployment architecture of the platform is based on containers and microservices, enabling it to achieve optimal flexibility and scalability while keeping maintenance and infrastructure costs low.

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HCL Volt MX – Volt 9.2 is Here

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