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Prominic Is an Official HCL Cloud Hosting Partner

Need help migrating your Notes or Verse mail and Connections from Connections Cloud? We can help you transition them smoothly to our cloud.

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Prominic.NET is a Top Cloud Hosting Provider Across Most Technology Platforms.

Decades Of Business Partnership With Leading Technology Providers And Expertise In Managed Hosting Multiple Platforms

HCL Notes Domino Hosting

Industry leading HCL Notes and custom HCL Domino application hosting and support for over 18 years. We bleed blue and yellow.

Microsoft Hosting

Prominic is a Microsoft Partner providing comprehensive MS SQL, Office 365 and Exchange hosting.

VMWare Hosting

Prominic’s cloud-hosted virtual desktops powered by VMware’s enterprise-preferred virtualization platform.

Wordpress Hosting

If your business needs a higher level of security, reliability and support when it comes to your WordPress hosting, you have come to the right place.

Our Hosting Solutions

Your Search For The Right Hosting Solution Is Over

Prominic.NET Offers A Wide Range Of Custom Hosting Solutions From Enterprise To Small Business

Dedicated and Cloud Hosting

Prominic’s private cloud and dedicated hosting provides the reliability, flexibility, security, performance, customization and control over your server according to your exact specifications.

Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops

Concerned with keeping your proprietary data off company user’s laptops while being able to centrally control security and applications on all company devices? VDI may be the answer.

Cloud Backup

Protect your business from costly data loss by backing it up to the cloud. Easily upload, access and restore your data using Prominic’s cloud backup service.

Remote Application Deployment

Remote deployment of select applications across your entire company allows you to standardize, control and protect your critical applications.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting

With annual SSAE-16 compliance audits and ongoing staff HIPAA compliance training, Prominic offers a reliable hosting platform for the healthcare industry.

Custom Application Hosting

Reliable and scalable cloud environment with expertise in custom application support.

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Prominic’s Private Cloud

Over 20 Years in Private Cloud Hosting


Prominic.NET has been setting the new standard in service in the managed hosting industry since 1998.

From providing an affordable and scalable SaaS development hosting platform to designing, implementing and hosting complex enterprise private cloud environments, we provide the expertise and operational competence that only comes from almost two

Our commitment 

Why Choose Prominic.NET?

What truly sets Prominic.NET apart from other private cloud hosting providers is our commitment to provide the outstanding support and creative solutions for years to come.


Stellar Support

We assign a dedicated support team who gets to know your business and can become an extension to your IT team.

Reliable SSAE-16 Infrastructure

Our data centers are subject to annual audits and are both SSAE-16 SOC-1 and SOC-2 certified.

Cost Effective Solutions

Thanks for our proprietary STARTcloud virtualization platform and custom licensing agreements with vendors like IBM, Microsoft, VMware and others, Prominic provides the best service at the lowest cost.

Perfect for SaaS Infrastructure Hosting

We partner with software-as-a-service and cloud-application developers to provide a reliable, scalable and redundant hosting environment for their mission-critical SaaS applications.

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What Our Clients Say

“The absolute best transition you’re ever going to see is when you hear nothing about it, and that was my role with Prominic. I heard nothing about our transition. It was seamless, smooth, and from my perspective, easy. I’m sure it wasn’t but I greatly appreciate the partnership with Prominic that made this a reality.”


David Frigstad, Chairman, Frost & Sullivan